Sew your own pumpkin and skull LED decorations!

Step 1: Materials

2 LilyPad LEDs (You can use regular LEDs too. Twist the leads using pliers using this tutorial.)
1 CR2302 coin cell battery
1 battery holder
1 yd conductive thread

1/4 sheet white felt (for skull)
1/4 sheet orange felt (for pumpkin)
2 x 1/4 sheet black felt (for background)
black embroidery floss
sewing needle (note: the eye needs to be small enough to fit through the battery holder)
needle threader

pattern for skull and pumpkin [pdf]

1 set of alligator clips (to test the circuit)
fabric glue
chalk (for marking the black felt)
puffy paint or clear nail polish (for preventing the conductive thread from fraying)

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