Make a ghost lantern of PET bottles .

Let's invite cute ghost us .

Step 1: Material

  • PET bottles

  • 3V LED 3 ~ 8 pieces.

  • 3V button battery

  • sandpaper

Step 2: Cutting

Use the cutter . Please be careful not to cut your hand .

Please be careful not to cut your hand .

Step 3: Polish

Polish the inside of PET bottles in the sandpaper .
Light is softened .

Step 4: It Will Cut Off the PET Bottles Tip

PET bottles of tip hard . Please be careful not to cut your hand .

This will cut the tip of the PET bottles.

Plastic ring it will also cut .

Step 5: It Will Install the LED in Ghosts

It writes the eyes (and mouth) .

And It will install the LED in ghosts .

LED of the positive electrode has a long leg .

Step 6: Also You Can Make a Small Lamp With a Cap

Cap is required another .

Also you can make a small lamp with a cap.

Step 7: The Cap Will Also Be in the Accessory Case .


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<p>Very nice! It's great the way just a little sanding really diffuses the light through the plastic. Great Halloween decor idea!</p>
<p>I'm glad to hear you say that :-)</p>

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