first off im some what of a beginner at photo manipulation
and this is my first instructable so any input is welcome
im using pixlr and you can use almost any picture but for this
specific tutorial the teeth will need to be in good view
along with there eyes. ( you'll see why later )
the photo I'm using just found off of google images

Step 1: Getting Setup

The set up is easy and fast. first you will be promted to start a new picture 
or uplaod from your computer go ahead and just upload the pic from your computer.
then on the box on the right with the layers u need to double click the lock. 
this will unlock the layer so you can manipulate it.
then click the button on the bottom left of the same box. you will need that later.
thank you all
I love the background. This really makes me think Halloween!
Haha this will be my new facebook profile:p cool 'ible!
Looks great! Well done :)

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Bio: im new to instructables so im trying to learn some stuff i can share that ive learnedi like longboarding cardistry magic and computer.
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