Introduction: Halloween Phote Creation Step 1

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go to and upload your original photo

Step 1:

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go to and upload your original photo

Step 2: Getting Rid of Background

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Removing unwanted background.  Go to the clone section on the  effects section and you can take a piece of the background that is a solid and drag it around to make the background one color and do away with it.                                                                                                  

Step 3: Blending Background

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Go to the texture section and find a texture that will help your clone background blend a little better. I chose the edifice with the crackle wall.                               

Step 4: Adding Features

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Add demonic eyes and fangs from the themes section under costume and some blood to the back ground

Step 5: Effects

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Click on the themes section and play around with some different backgrounds.  I used the haunted aura in one, Dracula dusk in another,  hellfire glow in the other, and spectral mist.  I finally decided that  Haunted aura was my favorite :)

Step 6: Final Decision Picture

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Final picture!


amandaghassaei (author)2012-10-18

so this was all done in an online editor? do you ever use other programs?

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