In this Instructable we are going to learn how to make a spider web!!

Step 1: Materials!!

For this instructable all you need is some yarn and a pair scissors. I used a blueish color for the yarn but you can use what you want.

Step 2: Basic Frame

First you want to start with a basic frame of one vertical length of yarn and one horizontal.

Step 3: Start Weaving!!

I started to weave the thread around in a spiral tying a overhand knot each time I got to one of the supporting strands.

Step 4: More Supports!

Me and my mom added more support strands at this part but you can add them earlier if you want to.

Step 5: Keep Weaving...

Keep weaving...

Step 6: Ya!!! Your Done!!!

You are now finished make your web!! Now go make a spider!!
I've done this every year since 2004...great minds think alike.  attached is 2009's. it took at least 10 hours.  lots of complents too.
<p>Cool. Looks like you did it with the big trees. We only have one tree in front of our house :-(.</p>
it stretched from tree to tree and up high to the porch and side of the house...it was a monster.&nbsp; Thanks for the compliment!
Dang, how much string did you use!?!
probably at least 600 feet
Wow, that's alot of string! My web was only ~10 feet x 10 feet.<br />
thanks for the instructable!&nbsp; here is my spooky spiderweb....&nbsp; the spider caught a little guy in its web... <br />
<p>Its easy and cool for making weird night ....</p>
<p>Our neighbors do this every year. They then shine black lights up from the porch floor so the webs glow an eery purple at night.</p>
Great and neat idea, I will definitely use it this upcoming halloween, last year i used gray duct tape on my garage to creat a spider web and it acutally came up nice. but I like this idea waaaay better
Toll Cool, very creative idea.
Thank you.
I have made similar ones &quot;in&quot; my house for years with thread... if you can find iridescent thread or pearl-ized thread, that type works the best for a more realistic look. The end of the thread can be applied to the wall with a dab of rubber cement so as to not damage the paint. once all you main structure is up let the RC dry and then continue with the inner web knotting each connection. Decorate with ring spiders (cut off ring), put some on the webs and some hanging from strings around the webs.
Hey, thanks for the how-to! This was my 1st attempt. I bought very cheap white yarn, then after almost done, found the white rope/twine I was looking for. Hope this one holds up. Thinking of finding some glow-in-dark spray hopefully, see how that works. Thanks again!
Very cool idea! I was looking for something to add some atmosphere to a Halloween Party. Thank you!
Great instructable!
Thank you. I may be updating it in a few days when I get another one made with some mods.
this was so cool i just made on on my bathroom door(its midnight on nov.5.... can you say ADHD) lol awesome post! i'll have to make one next year <br />
Thanks, that's a great idea!. I had to try this, so I made two small ones (we didn't have enough space to make a big one), and as some black balloon exploded i used them to make the spiders... <br />
THAT&nbsp;IS&nbsp;SOOOO&nbsp;COOL! im gonna make a big on my house. Thanks!
Your welcome.<br />
Nice Idea.&nbsp; I did one years ago, but started with 2 pieces of 1&quot; x 2&quot;, for top and bottom, so it can be easily removed and reused.&nbsp; I hung the 1 x 2 by eyescrews to hooks placed on the house facia, and the other 1 x 2 on the porch floor, held in place by weights.&nbsp;(We have no porch raining!!!)&nbsp;Made the web, and after the &quot;season&quot;&nbsp; onto the bottom 1 x 2, roll the web toward the top, and store.&nbsp; This year, I'm considering spraying the web with UV&nbsp;glow paint, and using some flourescent UV's, making it &quot;glow&quot;.&nbsp;&nbsp; LL
I'm going to get some Styrofoam bones to tangle in the web and make an egg sacks, big spider, etc.. I'll update it if I get the time to remake it this year.<br />
<p>Hey its song worthy: Just keep weaving... keep keep weaving...<br />I'm gonna use sewing&nbsp; string and catch all the little trick or treaters. :)</p>
Good idea.<br />
we have been making these in our yard for over 8 years now and i never thought to post it!!!!<br /> <br /> this year ours is really nice! it is made with bright orange caution tape!
ill take a pic of ours this year, its&nbsp;18 feet in length
I like it! Might have to put one up this weekend.&nbsp; Thanks!<br />
Thank you.<br />
Awesome!&nbsp; and so Easy!&nbsp; Great instructable!
Thank you.<br />
I'm gonna add the spiderwebs you find at the store to make it look more realistic
YES!!!!!!! FINALLY!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Everyone has these glue gun and cotton ideas but you!! thank you soo much :D. I can finally put a web in my halloweeny room :D
Your very welcome.
Looks good! What are you attaching the strings to at the top of the porch? I presume you're just tying on to the railing below. I'm also thinking some glow-in-the-dark spraypaint could be fun...
wow now i really want to find some glow in the dark spray paint because all tho this would be an awesome application I have some that would be even cooler.
I did a very similar web this year. I painted it with a sponge brush & glow in the dark craft paint and placed a black light behind it.
I tied the strings to some hooks that are used for hanging decorations.
thank You! we just moved in to a house with a porch this year and I've hung one store bought lighted web. I plan to add to it every year and hopefully make it a spider-tastic place for the neighborhood children to trick or treat. I'm seeing new webs next year! Grandma
you know what would be awesome make it so you could shoot it as a net
What would be far more cool is use EL wire! Great instructable!
That a good idea but I don't have any :-(
It is just an idea, you don't have to make it. :-) Also 5 stars for this cool instructable!
I know. But sadly I have nether EL wire or money.
Well, you might win some!
Ya, it is entered into the Halloween contest but the prize for the decoration category is a paint package.
Does anyone know whats in the paint package?
Nice! Very much the same technique that a real spider uses -- that's probably why it looks so good. If you've got black lights, you can soak the yarn in <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ritdye.com/Fabric+Treatments.">fabric brightener</a> to make it glow.<br/>
Well, the spiders don't use overhand knots.

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