Picture of Halloween spiderweb
In this Instructable we are going to learn how to make a spider web!!
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Step 1: Materials!!

Picture of Materials!!
For this instructable all you need is some yarn and a pair scissors. I used a blueish color for the yarn but you can use what you want.

Step 2: Basic frame

Picture of Basic frame
First you want to start with a basic frame of one vertical length of yarn and one horizontal.

Step 3: Start weaving!!

Picture of Start weaving!!
I started to weave the thread around in a spiral tying a overhand knot each time I got to one of the supporting strands.

Step 4: More supports!

Picture of More supports!
Me and my mom added more support strands at this part but you can add them earlier if you want to.

Step 5: Keep weaving...

Picture of Keep weaving...
Keep weaving...

Step 6: Ya!!! Your done!!!

Picture of Ya!!! Your done!!!
spiderweb 051.JPG
You are now finished make your web!! Now go make a spider!!