Halloween werewolf pencil sketch step by step.

Picture of Halloween werewolf pencil sketch step by step.
This is a tutorial on doing pencil sketch of a werewolf for halloween.
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Step 1: What you need And how to draw hair.

Picture of What you need And how to draw hair.
You will need a drawing pencil, charcoal pencil, red pencil and some paper.

Later on in the tutorial you will need to know how to draw hair so above is pictures showing how to draw hair like in this picture.

Step 2: Drawing the basic shapes.

Picture of Drawing the basic shapes.
First draw a rectangle and draw a line down the middle then about a third of the way down the side of the rectangle start the line for the triangular shape for the side of the face.make sure the end point of the jaw line meets the line that goes through the center of the rectangle.Now do the same on the other side. Finally draw the shape of the ears starting from start point of the jaw line.

Step 3: Adding the snout and mouth.

Picture of Adding the snout and mouth.
Working from the center line draw the outline of the wolf nose and draw,  now working outwards from the nose and draw an arc but make sure to bring to the line back around to the center line.Draw in the teeth and gums of the top of the mouth and then draw the bottom set of teeth and gums.Now draw the bottom of the mouth using wispy lines to make it look more like hair.draw some curves between where the eyes and the nose/top of mouth will be to make him look like he's snarling.

Step 4: The eyes

Picture of The eyes
Draw circles where the eyes will be then draw the outline of the eyes around the circles. Slant them towards the nose to make him look angry.
Thergox2 years ago
Very cool -- you have quite some skill. I would have liked to see more definition technique, primarily on the shading of the hair.
lezbatt (author)  Thergox2 years ago
thanks :) I'll get some better pics of the techniques i used up soon.