Introduction: Hallway Bench

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A beautiful pine bench for the hallway was built. Below you can place different baskets or other things.
Everything was done by hand, as well as the upholstery of the backrest, as well as the seat. Nice eye-catcher in the apartment! I hope the description is understandable I have taken many photos that you can understand the whole of the pictures. The bank is built in the Swedish style, so country house is currently very modern. The idea comes from a bank that I saw with my grandmother in the corridor that had built a relative. However, I built the bank in a completely different style

Step 1: Planing

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The bank must first be planned, because I have built without building instructions.Thus, I first made some drawings, and researched on the Internet as the seat height, bench height, seat, etc. should be the best.In addition, the materials I did not have at home, had to be bought.I built all the pieces and put them together.

Step 2: Back Seat, Build Backrest

Picture of Back Seat, Build Backrest

First, I built the backrest.
For this purpose, glued strips were glued between the two smooth edging boards, but since that did not last very well, I reinforced the whole with bars.

Step 3: Build Side Panels

Picture of Build Side Panels

Then the side parts were built, first the skeleton, the rear part was sawn off obliquely to have a slope at the backrest.
Then the palm with curves with the jigsaw and the other parts with the circular saw I was allowed to test. The whole thing was glued together with dowels and construction glue.

Step 4: Striving

Picture of Striving

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Step 5: Assembling

Picture of Assembling

The whole thing is assembled.
Glued together with dowels and glue and later reinforced with angles

Step 6: Upholstery

Picture of Upholstery

The seat and the 3 parts for the backrest are upholstered.Simply wood with foam and then fabric and attached with cackles at the back.


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