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Introduction: Hallway Landing Zone

Before and After Contest 2016

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Before and After Contest 2016

Steph needed a place to keep her keys, purse, shoes and more so we created a landing zone/mudroom in a hall closet at her house.

Step 1: Hall Closet Before- Removed Doors

We removed the doors and shelving from inside the closet and painted.

Step 2: Made Shelf and Bottom Cushion

The bench is a Craigslist find that consists of two sets of upper kitchen cabinets and we made a foam fabric covered cushion. It fits perfectly inside the closet!

The shelf was made with boards cut to the width of the closet supported by decorative brackets which were found at a yard sale.

Step 3: Put It All Together

We added coat hooks, decorative decal, and other accessories to complete the look.

Step 4: Enjoy!

The green frame on the left was a Pinterest project to hold Steph's keys.

That's it. Check out our website for more details!



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    Thanks. My mum and I are planning on doing some projects together and we are currently renovating the house so this will be great!

    Thanks a lot! We're doing really well, and have just started this, and it looks amazing, thankyou so much for the idea. :)

    Great design. I am planning on doing something very similar in my mud room.