Halo 2 Banshee Jump on Headlong





Introduction: Halo 2 Banshee Jump on Headlong

This is how to Banshee Jump on Headlong. Enjoy.



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    photo hippie is right, just take up a sniper and then bam,bam,bam,bam. DEAD =-/

    does it work with halo 3? ;-]

    That's great, take a sniper rifle up there on your back and you've got yourself at least 12 kills.

    lol I used to do that when halo 2 was the most recent halo game. none of my friends liked to play on headlong because I am a sick sniper and I would go to a high place and kill them. but the best was when I could get a banshee and fly up to that low building that you can get on top of WITHOUT this trick, and just snipe form there.

    Do juggernaught, unlimitied ammo, grab a rocket laucher and a sniper, with over shield, and your ready to go. Just on ething, make sure your the juggernaught...

    Nice trick. I have to try that. One question though. Can you do that anywhere on the map, or in that area only?

    Any where unlike a superbounce.