This is how to Banshee Jump on Headlong. Enjoy.
why'd ya die?
photo hippie is right, just take up a sniper and then bam,bam,bam,bam. DEAD =-/<br/>
does it work with halo 3? ;-]
That's great, take a sniper rifle up there on your back and you've got yourself at least 12 kills.
lol I used to do that when halo 2 was the most recent halo game. none of my friends liked to play on headlong because I am a sick sniper and I would go to a high place and kill them. but the best was when I could get a banshee and fly up to that low building that you can get on top of WITHOUT this trick, and just snipe form there.
Yeah no joke. You could own!
Do juggernaught, unlimitied ammo, grab a rocket laucher and a sniper, with over shield, and your ready to go. Just on ething, make sure your the juggernaught...
Nice trick. I have to try that. One question though. Can you do that anywhere on the map, or in that area only?
Any where unlike a superbounce.
hay i found that out before these goons
That's freaking awesome, I didn't know you could do that. There's another way you can do something like this on Halo 3 with the gravity hammer. And one question-- how do you record the video like this?
I have tv tunner capture card in my pc with component (Yellow, Red, White jacks) , and s-video. Just pluged in my xbox and recorded it. The only problem was that the program is used to record it had a really small preview screen only an in wide so it was really hard to do it but I did it in the end. The card was kind of expensive ($100 ish) but you can get the for as little as $25 some places.
Yeah, that's why I never bothered to really play Halo 2 on Live. Jerks would superbounce their way to the top of my most hated list.
so thats how they get up there... oh well, I never liked halo 2, halo 1 had way better contrast and gameplay, and xbc was faster than the damned matching system.
thats one of many ways. I don't have an xbox any more but I used to know 3 other ways. You can do a 2 normal super bounce, fly banshee into a secret spot or do the one I showed you.

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