Halo 2 Portable Hard Drive


Introduction: Halo 2 Portable Hard Drive

Got a Broken Ipod, Got a XBOX 360 Halo 2 Case, Now Let them Blend.

Total Cost. $3.50 + 4 SH

-Dead Ipod (30 GB) (Free) found on side of the road. Sweet XD
-Empty XBOX 360 Case (Free) (found in box behind BlockBuster)
-2.5" to USB Converter (Free) Already had it
-1.8" to 2.5" Toshiba Converter ($7.50 -Ebay Shipped from Hong Kong)

Lets get started.

Step 1: Getting the Case Setup.

Getting the case setup

Step 2: Removing the Tabs.

Step 1
-Remove the center tabs.

Step 2
-Cut Slot For the Hard Drive.

-If you don't have a dremil You have to use this.
-Sandpaper on a stick Yum.

Step 3: Putting in the USB.

Step 1
-Making the Marks.

Step 2
-Cut and sand.

Step 3
-See the hole, plug the hole.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Step 1
-Put it in the case.

Step 2
-Make any needed adjustments.
-Pin in with some Glue, We used tape.
Step 3
-Be Happy.

Step 5: Add the Halo 2 Joy

Step 1
-Google Halo 2 Case, Find a nice picture and print it out.
-Halo 2 Picture.

Step 2
-Cut it out and insert.

Step 3
-Plug in your cool looking Halo 2 Joy Drive into a USB port.



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    No, its usb and can't be acess in games

    do you have to take the ipod apart and how do you hook up the converter to the ipod

    does it have to be a halo 2 case?

    where did you find a dead ipod because i want one., even if it is dead.

    2 replies

    It was on the side to the road, it looked as if some one had tossed it out of a car.

    lucky b***** lool

    they dont.....idk thats weird....

    i thaught they did they made it for games for windows live also