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Dificulty: Medium

i posted this cuz someone was asking to post full Credit goes to ImBrokeRU from Filefront

Halo 3 Hud

if u dont get the MA5C the rounds will be changed to 32

Halo 3(Just Kidding u need Halo 1)
Halo Map Tools/Halo Hacker Tools
Hud is here:;91863
Please note the skins will be in all maps

NOTE: (This goes for all instructables). There are 2 ways you can use this HUD on a mac without doing it on your Windows.

1. Download a Application called: Wine (version MUST be 1.1.35 or later or it wont work) or you can download CrossOver Games Trial (trial is one week and costs about 20$ to buy i think) This/These program(s) can let you run Windows Games/Programs (must be .exe or .msi but most programs are .exe) or a second option...

2. Or you can download Eschaton (the lowest version, newer versions will only work for Halo CE and Halo 2). Eschaton is kinda like the same thing as HMT but for Mac. Note: you cannot import models with eschaton (well i think u can but idk how)

Step 1: Injecting Skins

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Open the folder u downloaded and find the tutoral Open halo map tools and open any map (example: read the tutorial and see where u inject the skins.

Step 2: Mod

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mod it read the tutoral Tags to Edit


Landon Sullivan (author)2009-07-07

Mine isn't working. The message it gives me is: "There are no controls to display, because a supported tag has not been selected." Any advice?

ok im going to call u mr. spammy

That's nice. But I really want to find a way to solve my problem. And a good way to solve a problem is to tell lots of people.


^ late to the party

Halomaster222 (author)2009-09-08

Can you actually tell us what to mod? It doesnn'y tell us what to mod

SonicX 22 (author)Halomaster2222009-09-08

its because u need to install the plugins into Halo Map Tools, it should tell you how to do it but i will find a way

iLikeCoolStuf (author)2009-05-08

Het thx

SonicX 22 (author)iLikeCoolStuf2009-05-10

ur welcome

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