Picture of Halo 3 Map Fun!!!
This is at least one way to do something cool on every map in halo 3. The more the merrier, and having an experienced 'Hot Dropper' (I'll explain that later) with you will really help. Most of these need 2 people and A LOT OF COMMINICATION! So have fun, don't get shot, and eventually, you might want to consider getting a life.

EDIT: this was made a loooong time ago, so anything that says I will change, I wont, I have a life, sorry everyone, but make do with what I posted

Step 1: Crouch Jumping

Picture of Crouch Jumping
Not much too It, simply just crouch while you are in mid air.
sa10a10xjr3 years ago
halo reach is ultra beasty
cantrell84 years ago
do you know of any for Halo Reach?