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This Halloween costume is Master Chief, Spartan 117, the hero from the Xbox 360 game Halo 3. It took some time (my dad helped me a little), but I think it came out great. It got a lot of attention at my school's Halloween Carnival. I'm in sixth grade and this will probably be my last costume so I wanted to make something special.

Step 1: Materials, time, costs

Picture of Materials, time, costs
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Here's everything you'll need.

I made this out of cardboard, hot glue, fiberglass fabric, fiberglass resin, spray paint and velcro straps (with help from my dad). The weapon is an old broken Nerf gun that we painted and glued on some PVC piping to make it look more like the one in the game.

We used an old bicycle helmet, (free) broken plexiglass face shield, (free) skateboard knee and elbow pads ($2) from Value Village (second-hand clothing store), old black sweatpants and sweatshirt from Value Village ($4)and some light-emitting diodes (LEDs -- free) that we had around from a racetrack project (we're proud nerds). We also used me dad's cycling gloves, but just velcroed on the fiberglass so they didn't get wrecked.

The fiberglass resin and fabric cost about $30. The spray paint cost $10. These you can get any building supply store (e.g. Home Depot).Everything else we already had and was going to be thrown out eventually.

It took about 20 hours to make. I also earned credit towards my Composite Materials merit badge in the Boy Scouts for this project.

Articas6 years ago
wtf u were allowred to play that game when u were in sixth grade in australia u have the be in ninth grade
lol i got my first m game when i was 10
my first was mortal combat when i was like 3 or sumthing
ya but i didn't have a video game until i was 9 and it was duck hunt
Ebener abadfart10 months ago


oh imeant that was my first m-rated my actual first was spyro.
but my first r movie was dirty hairy but my dad loved that movie so it has been around as long as i can remember
i dont remember my first movie tho
uh no u don't. I was ten when played halo...in australia too...
Suiko Articas5 years ago
You listen to the recommendations? Also in Aus.
i think that was your parent/s rule, i was playing it in year 7 also in Aus
It needs to be more detailed, but well done.
Very nicely done. Don't listen to those folks out there. They don't know what they speak of. You have alot of potential. Just keep trying to make things. At some point you might be able to make a bit of money off of them :)
sirodim904 years ago
lol your gun is a nerf maverick
hydrnium.h27 years ago
Last trick or treat in 6th grade?!
zogduke (author)  hydrnium.h27 years ago
Hmmm... maybe you've got a point.
hahah Yeah I am a junior in High school and I still Trick or Treat. I just like free candy! And also, GREAT Instructable! and if I was you I would keep modifying it to get a REALLY good and realistic suite for next Halloween! this Costume doesn't always have to be restricted to Halloween. Something like this might be great for cosplays(if your into that) or even just ways to impress your friends. NICE JOB!
I'm in SENIOR high and i still trick or treat lmao
My sister is 21 she still trick-or-treats so does my aunt shes 36. XD
me and my friends Are 14 and we run around in black and dump bowls of candy into our backpacks
lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololol :)
FREE CANDY ALWAYS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I'm in 11th and I still trick-or treat! I'm working on a stormtrooper costume this year!
yea same. I love free candy and showing off your hard work (if you make your own costume).
meh. grade seven was my last year. grade 8 is when people start having halloween parties. my friend set up this awesome ghoul on a rope thrown over a tree branch in his yard...
great instructable though, I'm a lot older than you and I still struggle at coloring between the lines... lol
what the heck did he say at the end?
EnigmaMax7 years ago
Hate to disapoint, but Master Cheif dies.
no he doesn't at the end of halo 3 don't skip the credits it shows Master Chief on a ship floating in space(ALIVE!!!)
 Lol, future self here, he doesn't die but max was right, franchise dies with halo reach
well, if he doesn't die, the series will die anyway. no offense, but bungee has to make a new game for every time a halo ring is destroyed, and the story is already getting stale. but I have to admit that master chief is an awesome character and he'll live, but most likely some other company will buy him.
(late reply...lol) but i agree completey. Halo 1 and 2 was great...but then ANOTHER repeat of the story! and to this day I still pray to God that Disney doesnt buy the rights of MC!!!
actually, at the end of the game on legendary, there is another halo ring :P
yah he does live but he is lost in space and the way it ends is a huge cliff hanger so maybe they will continue the story but even if they don't halo 3 is good enough
If you listen to some of the Bungie veterans, you'll discover that the Halo TRILOGY is a prequel to their much loved Marathon series of games. Perhaps the next outing for Bungie is to get back on the Marathon track... P.S. You rock kid. I wish I had been creative when I was in 6th grade. I was too busy rocking out to New Kids On The Block and wearing parachute pants (ask your parents).
u have to beat it on legendary
yah i did and it was pretty hard
what about on legendary with all the skulls on
almost im on cortona
my least favorite level
yah mine too cause its really hard and all the flood
you just gotta run through
yah thats what i did
well then i salute you. ... this is a pretty long conversation...
yah but i have been in longer
zogduke (author)  EnigmaMax7 years ago
roy19315 years ago
looks great. Nice job. i think ill make one also. And im a freshman, so never stop t.o.t.-ing! (trick or treating) ;-)
daltonjcw5 years ago
dig the helmet, leggings.... I'm in 6th grade two, ( you can tell from my conventions) and i definitely have a few more costumes for me.
takamineboy5 years ago
hey nice costume, pretty good for a kid in grade six. I'm not much older, I'm in grade nine, I just started 4 days ago on my first costume too. make sure you put more details the next time you make one. ;D

I didn't use the pepakura program on mine if anyone is wondering. Just cardboard and masking tape and glue so far :P
raceryz3505 years ago
waste of a nerf gun -chuckle,chuckle-
itsthatsguy5 years ago
Cough* spartan 005 *COUGH!<br/>
Froggie7 years ago
I dislike Halo. Do you get made fun of a lot?
zogduke (author)  Froggie7 years ago
Uh, yeah, sometimes. Do you think maybe I shouldn't wear it to the mall anymore? Slow down and think, Froggie.
fjkl; zogduke5 years ago
right, there is not detail at all in your suit. And you can see right past the visor
probably got made fun of because it dont look like master chief...aint any detail in the legs
you probably only get made fun of because it doesnt look like mc
Dredge7 years ago
this is my armour...and for grade six good job.....mine took me a year to make all i can say is keep learning and always try to improve..... -Dredge
Ryamc117 Dredge6 years ago
nice armor!! an' only in da 6th grade... wow
Not the guy that made it, but the kid's instructable here....
ahhh. i see
Ryamc117 Dredge6 years ago
where can i get a golden faceplate like that
Dredge Ryamc1175 years ago
I got mine from a dirtbike store for $50 and i had to custom cut it....also they are hard to find unless you use the internet....
Ryamc117 Dredge5 years ago
i finally found one at a yamaha for like $22 bucks!
I love it.
jeijei2 Dredge6 years ago
WINNING IS HALF THE BATTLE remember to always tbag your enemy
LOL the longshot is a nice touch.
stopanator6 years ago
dredge it needs to be darker same to you zogduke!!!
i did it a lighter color for fun...i prefer it the way it is....
KillerRazor6 years ago
I'm going as Dutch from ODST to my second cosplaying Expo this year :D
KillerRazor6 years ago
I made mine using Vinyl and if you're younger (Like me) is much, much easier. Plus mine looks better than all of those made by people without experience. Doesn't beat that of peoples like Dredge though... :P I'll post a slideshow, tell ya how I made it.
Ryamc1176 years ago
good job for a first try... just add more detail next time
608296 years ago
im trying to make my own armor, not master chiefs. but i have trouble shaping it. any tips?
I'm in sixth grade and my armor looks better, I haven't painted or detailed it yet, please check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV_z8Mj2WuI (copy and paste) I still haven't made a helmet(in progress) but mine is going to turn out really good!
No, it really doesn't.
Well I started on new armor using Pepakura, so it's gonna look 15x better!
Dude this is awesome. And yea never say its your last costume. I don't dress up EVERY year cause sometimes I don't have time to make a costume. I'm 19 and I dressed up last year. I made some armor and threw on some robes for a sith lord look. My costumes just get progressively cooler as I get older haha You get points for just puttin forth the time and effort. Someday I'll make mine! I wanna do MK V though just to keep true to my Halo Roots haha All you halo haters should leave. You're just jealous cause its better than any game you can mention.
Um... I can name lots of games that are better. (Halo is still an awesome series) 1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 2. LittleBigPlanet 3. Halo PC (yes, the first one.) 4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I like Snake.) 5. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
im no halo hater but gmod is A LOT better than halo
oooh, im replying to myself, what do you have to say about that?
cheater1266 years ago
where did u get the glas huh?
santy226 years ago
Oh dear you look so cute in last step last pic!
willdabeast6 years ago
u sound kinda like darth vader before puberty
peach_fart6 years ago
go to 405th.com, click on forums, then go to creation discussion.
when you said 405th i thought you were referring to star wars but thats the 501st
jillg6 years ago
cool im gonna use this resin technique to make stoormtrooper armor, but it will be cooler!
eljamo6 years ago
haha... you look like harry potter, nice armour but you could have put moor time into the groin guard, it looks like a mini skirt
he looks like a pudgey harry potter and the groin guard does look like a minni skirt i have seen some funky costumes i mean i dress up as chicken every year and i cant believe your only in sixth
tagzisninja6 years ago
Not bad at all
thyubernoob6 years ago
I don't know who Master Chef is....but it looks pretty good for making it yourself..... LOL I said Master CHEF...........................
elite146 years ago
Nice try!Just needed more time to be put into it though. I am making a fiberglass and resin Mc thing. My stuff gets progressively sweeter as time goes on.
mg0930mg6 years ago
There is no way this will be your last costume. Haha! Nice though!
Awesome costume! You did an amazing job - it looks incredible! Thank you for the step by step instructions as well.. My 8 year old wants to be Halo 3 Master Chief this year for Halloween & I had no idea where to begin.. Thanks for the great info! Fantastic job!
halo fan 1#6 years ago
oosic1017 years ago
i personally think it doesnt relly look like master chief. i got the idea from u and made one for my halloween partie and it actualy looked like master chief. i made entirely of cardboard, hot glue and duct tape.
Photo 36.jpgPhoto 14.jpg
looks pretty good for what you made it out of... you should make an 'ible on how to make it
that sucks oosic but zogdukes is pretty good. its great for just 20 hours o'effort
You need to paint the helmet dark green. Also, it needs to be wider.
its too skinny from ear to ear
zogduke (author)  oosic1017 years ago
Uh, yeah. That certainly puts my costume to shame. Next time try putting on the helmet before you wrap the duct tape around your head, oosick.
Broly oosic1017 years ago
ew that thing looks nasty
jsnookiii7 years ago
dude you should have checked out the 405th.com they would have helped you make this thing rock.
downgrade7 years ago
If you want to get a bit closer, the submachine guns he duals are almost exactly mp7s, cheap airsoft springer versions of mp7s can be found for about 12 bucks
Sunny1246137 years ago
it doesnt look like master chief but it is pretty strong
Con Solo7 years ago
that barely looks like the chief
Raccaroo7 years ago
You also wanna wear gloves when working with fiberglass cloth, since it can get very itchy and even burn your skin if you come in contact with it too much. Also, fiberglass resin should cure (not dry) within 15-25 minutes, but good work anyway!
abadfart7 years ago
dude im going in to my senior year of high school and i still wear costumes
Jesmikz9087 years ago
I just finished making my master chief costume. I based it off your pictures because your suit looks more like something I could make lols. I found it cheap and easy. I just used the legendary edition helmet. Instead of the fiberglass, which is expensive, I found some scrap sheet metal and made the entire costume, except for helmet, out of it. It looks amazing. This instructable was very help full, and great costume.
Take some advice from me, never let any costume be your "last costume".
Seconded. Halloween is fun! Each year you'll have a few more skills and each year your costume will be better than the last. It looks like you're off to a great start!
bigt4616 jeff-o7 years ago
wow we are all "cool geeks" here at instructables lol
jeff-o bigt46167 years ago
Nothing wrong with that, my friend! ;)
zogduke (author)  Skribblez8877 years ago
Thanks Skribble.
ezarate7 years ago
... *cricket* (silence).........
MrFairlady7 years ago
Stop h8in him.... he did a real nice job on the damn thing. any1 else wanna spend a ton of freakin time putting together some armor????(no, cuz its a waste- unless ur gonna use it(school) ) very nice dude.....
yay when halloween comes ill have something else to wear finally!!! lol i been wearing same scream costume for 5 years last year, half the houses said hi to me aggh!
zap897 years ago
fib3roptix7 years ago
You what also sucks in halo 3 is you only fight brutes and insects COME ON BUNGIE!!!
fib3roptix7 years ago
Yes that was a good costume next work on a scary one to scare so little kids remember to hide behind bushes and use cap guns.. LOL!!!! My scare was a Youtube moment!!! And im only in 6th grade!!!
k, no offense but that doesn't look anything like the master chief
Zetheros7 years ago
I think the ears are too big, the paint needs to be more green, and the armor needs to cover more body and the shoulders need to be bigger. Also it would be cool if you added a few bullet dents. ie: full covering boots. I made a costume, and someone laughed at it. The nerve! now I take a year to make godly costumes. I might post my ringwrath duplication here sometime.
zygote907 years ago
Just a little constructive comment but it would be easier 2 make the helmet with an old bmx helmet then u only have 2 add the gold cellophane and paint the helmet green
silverwolff7 years ago
wow...um this costume is sorta...crap
I don't see you coming up with anything better...
zogduke (author)  aliceownsj007 years ago
Thanks, alice. Screw the haters.
Looks cool for a halloween outfit!
caseymike17 years ago
zogduke (author)  caseymike17 years ago
Thanks, Casey.
could you post a few more pictures of the helmet i am trying 2 build it
how you make other armor? cuz he only showed gloves other armor is made same way? pls reply
bluedragon7 years ago
u seriously need to put more time into stuff like this i mean no offense but it looks like it is made of cardboard.
it is...
some of it is made out of cardboard.......
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Have you thought about making another one, but this time, dig around the internet and improve it, try making it look harder or something. It would be really cool to make a part 2
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Been a while and you're still getting praised for this. Thats a sign that its a good job i think.
hey dude im in 7th costume looks awsome to Halo 3 rocks
Are you part of the 405th? It's a forum/group solely for the creation of halo costuming. www.405th.com I'm helios there
I'm a member of the 405th too. I'm Robogenisis. @ Zogduke It looks OK, especially for cardboard. If you aren't a member of the 405th, you should join. Pepakura makes a more accurate costume, because you use models straight from Halo 3 to make it. It's kind of like a 3D puzzle.
idy267 years ago
GOD DAMMIT. Man, if i had seen this for Halloween, i would have made it. ur idea was good, mine was horrible. Great instructable though.
dj whatever7 years ago
nerfer1927 years ago
you should have used a gameboy cartarigde as the cortana chip.
Help me choose!!!! please. PS3 or Dell laptop? Click on my name and, then click on my new forum topic to help me!
ive seen better; im only 12 and i thought of using a hockey goaly helmet just take off the bars and that is ur base then use cardboard and putty to get its shape and obviously use fiber glass for the gold part ill post it later its missing the fiber glass tho
lilscskater7 years ago
im a freshman and i still dress up
gameboy7oa7 years ago
dude im in 8th grade and i still dress up
nerfer1927 years ago

thise is a big nose (..)

Nuzz07 years ago
you are the coolest sixth grader i know
flurpie17 years ago
nice costume right now im in 6 grade so ima make one. do you really get badge credit? im a boy scout too
matt3357 years ago
it pretty raw dude
nice! I am currently making a cardboard Armour right now but when i get some molding clay I'm going 2 make molds out of plaster of pairs it actually works! but nice i am currently in 7th grade and all my friends are going 2 be jealous lol but at the Halloween dance I'm going 2 be a mute not talk and at the end I'm going 2 pull my helmet off its going 2 be sweetness oh yea
Deathcapt7 years ago
Pretty good job, I was Boba Fett Yesterday, I spent 10 months building the costume, I've already started on master chief For next year.
zogduke (author)  Deathcapt7 years ago
Thanks, Death.
blackderby7 years ago
its cool that you put the time and effort into it. but dont let this be your last costume. i say you should start now on next years costume. infact you have inspired me to make my own for next year. i always do something awesome for haloween and this wiil be it.
zogduke (author)  blackderby7 years ago
Thanks, blackderby. It really didn't take that long. I say go for it.
logic bomb7 years ago
awsome costume!! I've thought about building one myself!
oh butters.....how it goin?just wana say hi=)
zogduke (author)  logic bomb7 years ago
Thanks, logic. I say give it a try.
footer07 years ago
This is great very detailed im going to enjoy doing this one lol but you need a voice changer so you can push a button on the suit and be "im back Bitches!" i think that would be neat having it sound muffled and like talking into a radio
zogduke (author)  footer07 years ago
Great idea. Wish I would have thought of it.
alsome dude !!!!!!!! though the helmet is a tad bit too big for the suit
zogduke (author)  the gizmoman7 years ago
Thanks gizmo. Maybe I have a giant head:)
itatchi9247 years ago
Um...May I buy this from you?Hopeully ya lie in Texas=P
Ya....Plz make. YOu made so cheap and you know how to
If you can maybe we'll make some sorta a deal.I think im about your age(12)LOL.No i am not a molestor nor rapist. Hopefullly ill hear more frum ya=D
if only i knew of this two weeks before halloween we have a costume contest in skool i wouldve rocked everyone
zogduke (author)  nightninja877 years ago
Thanks, nightninja. It got a lot of positive comments.
Honus7 years ago
Awesome job! Bet a lot of the other kids were jealous.... :D As for your last costume- no way! Heck, I'm 40 and I'm still making costumes.
zogduke (author)  Honus7 years ago
Thanks Honus. People seemed to like it.
kebn7 years ago
I am damn impressed well done! Don't worry about getting too old for Halloween, theres always college Halloween parties to look forward to in the future. Just as a suggestion I recommend using a cheap motocross helmet as the basis for the helmet (you can even get ones with visors but they don't come cheap). Don't worry about any nay-sayers and I look forward to seeing your future projects.
zogduke (author)  kebn7 years ago
Thanks, kebn.
Aeshir7 years ago
Hey nice job. This would be good for airsoft fights!
zogduke (author)  Aeshir7 years ago
Thanks, Aeshir. We even shot it with a bb gun and it didn't go through.
mappum7 years ago
Next time, make sure it is more accurate to what you are making. It seems well done, otherwise. Making it out of fiberglass was a good idea. Try making it EXACTLY like what you are replicating. This doesn't look very much like what it was supposed to look like.
I don't think Halloween costumes need to look perfect. I don't play Halo but I knew exactly what he was supposed to be from my past experiences of seeing advertisements and such. It's good enough, IMHO. I think only true fans will be upset by the lack of accuracy.
zogduke (author)  laernmoer7 years ago
Thanks for sticking up for us Nick. Yeah, I just saw another Master Chief costume somebody made that they said cost them $20,000 and one years' time. For some reason my dad won't pay several hundred thousand dollars for an extruded plastic forming machine that I could keep in the garage.
drcrash zogduke7 years ago
You can make a vacuum former suitable for making costume armor for a few hundred dollars. (Not a few hundred thousand.) Not cheap for costuming purposes, but not horrendously expensive as hobbies go. For small stuff (that will fit in your kitchen oven) you can make a good vacuum former for about $50, in about an hour. If you can keep your costume's pieces under about 20 inches the long way and 14 inches the short way, that might be a way to go. Check out www.VacuumFormerPlans.com and my vacuum forming Instructable. The stormtrooper guys at tk560.com make their own 2 x 2 foot (and larger) ovens for making armor. The oven costs around $100 and takes a few hours to make. Making a decent vacuum former isn't hard. (The real work for making costume armor is in sculpting the mold shapes well enough to take advantage of how well even cheapo vacuum forming can reproduce the shapes.)
zogduke (author)  drcrash7 years ago
Wow, dr. That's amazing. Thanks for the info.
Hey, if you want a vacuum former, you might want to look at this:

I have yet to make it, but it looks easy enough to do.
That's a nice basic design for a small vacuum former. See www.VacuumFormerPlans.com for some improvements, and where to get little portable grills with rectangular heating elements. (See the links in the sidebar about improving the heat distribution of Ralis Kahn's design, and maybe the one on background stuff about oven design if you're interested.) The basic design is just a portable electric barbecue grill inverted on stilts over the vacuum former, so that you can heat the plastic under it, and lower the hot plastic directly onto the platen. So far, so good. Nice, simple, small-footprint setup. (Two of those would be good for a roughly 18 x 24 inch machine, too.) Unfortunately, the grill element is a bit too small and hot for the area it can heat, so you need to spread the infrared ("radiant heat" so-called) out a bit. If you don't, the plastic gets too hot in the middle and not hot enough around the edges and corners. You fix that that very easily with a $1 disposable aluminum grill topper and a $6 roll of aluminum flashing (from the roofing department of a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe's). Most off-the-shelf heating elements are the wrong intensity and/or shape for heating sheet plastic, but you can fix that if you understand how to redirect IR.
Thanks for the link, I'll have to look at that later today. I"m really gonna need a table for a stormtrooper's getup. Yeah, I know about aluminum flashing, i work construction in the summer. It got to 110F on the heat index one day, and just for grins i decided to play "rooftop chef" at a job. I cooked an egg sunny-side up, and made a grilled cheese later in the day. :D
Hey Zogduke.....WOW Nice job. My son will love this!!
zogduke (author)  digitaltripper7 years ago
Thanks, digital!
caseymike17 years ago
VERY GOOD!im a sixth grader as well nd thats great for ppl our age.please put up a tutorial!
zogduke (author)  caseymike17 years ago
Thanks, Casey. If you go to the bottom of the page and click on "next step" you will see the tutorial.
zorro33557 years ago
try to make it look more complex and the color is too fade.change the metreal for the plate for a more realistic look.those plates look more like a bullet-proof vest then an armour.
grunthos7 years ago
Awesome costume! I'm 40 and still making costumes at Halloween. Most adults are too embarrassed to wear a costume, but compliment you when you do one yourself. I'm lucky since we have a lunch party at work on Halloween, and quite a few people wear costumes to the office. So not everyone "grows out of it" :-) It does get easier when you grow up and have kids of your own, so you can say you're doing it with them. But my kids know better; I'm just doing it to have fun myself. Great job; have fun with it!
zogduke (author)  grunthos7 years ago
Thanks, grunthos. My dad pretends he's doing it for me, but I know he likes it, too.
Nice entrance. cool instructable
zogduke (author)  Gunk on Floor7 years ago
Thanks, Gunk.
adamthiede7 years ago
This is the best Halloween costume EVER! AWESOME DUDE KEEP IT UP! I don't trick or treat anymore but I might help my littlebro with it next year. You might want to paint it a more "Master-chiefy" green because yours is a bit diluted. Its probably just the photos though. P.S. Halo rocks.
zogduke (author)  adamthiede7 years ago
Thanks adam. I think that's why my dad does it, too.
Jake Turner7 years ago
Wow, nice work! I was in boy scouts until May, wish i knew there was a Composite Materials course. Since we're both in the MJOLNIR neighborhood, i thought you'd like to see my armor (which I have yet to finish):


I still have to sand and paint my chest armor, and fiberglass the inside of the left arm/leg. As soon as I get my camera working, I'll get pictures of what I have finished.

Good work!
zogduke (author)  Jake Turner7 years ago
Whoa! Awesome, Dr. Professor. Nice angularity.
I know it wouldn't quite fit the 'realistic' feel of it, but you might want to put some orange on the tip of the gun...don't want any trigger-happy, or just twitchy officers putting any lead in ya... That said, I gotta agree with some of the folks here, screw the haters, it's pretty good work for a 6th grader... just come back with more effort next year and "show 'em who's boss" :)
I think thats rather pointless for fake guns to have orange on the tip. If I were to carry a real gun around, I could just paint the tip of it orange and it and no one would know any different. It almost makes it more dangerous, since people would just assume its fake.
nerfer1927 years ago
this is cool but halloween was yesterday and i was a hockey player.....suck awesome costume!
timator67 years ago
yay... another person with the composite materials merit badge....i made a fiberglass ninja star lol
mappum timator67 years ago
i should get that merit badge! i need some more to get life rank!
timator6 mappum7 years ago
i need 2 more eagle and the project and paperwork and ill have eagle
Nerf gun?
zogduke (author)  JamesRPatrick7 years ago
Yes, JamesR, a Nerf gun.
Keith-Kid7 years ago
I myself don't like Halo, but i gotta say its agreat instructable! And for those who say the costume isnt all that or that it doesnt look real... ...He made this being in 6th grade!... ...What are YOU doing with your life??? Besides its a costume it doesn't matter how real it looks, Its just the fun of it
zogduke (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
Thanks a lot Keith. Also, thanks to everybody who pointed out that nobody needs to give up Halloween at any age. I wore it to my school carnival yesterday and a lot of girls thought it was pretty cool so now one more reason to keep doing it. You've all helped me change my mind... I'm never giving this up!
Glad we could help. :)
rachel7 years ago
Excellent job. Well conceived, well executed, well documented. But your dad won't shell out for a plastic forming machine? I bet he thinks college or something is more important. Peh, lack of imagination!
msspurlock7 years ago
You did that in 20 hours? That's outstanding! Kudos!
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Hey that you wont trick-or-treat anymore doesn't mean its your last costume. There's still parties and stuff. And if you're shy or something you can just make it to have fun with your friends. Jeez people! P.S. ...I havent critiziced anybody cuz i havent made an instructable either...
Yeah, I'm in tenth grade. During Halloween, since I have little siblings who still trick-or-treat, I stay at home and hand out candy while parents are taking them around. Although, I still get as much (or maybe more) candy than when I used to trick-or-treat. Scaring little kids so they don't get any candy (usually by pretending that I'm one of the Halloween decorations or with my various swords) and by eating the siblings candy, they can't eat it all anyways :D
noremakk7 years ago
Pretty cool; the green is a bit off, but I guess that may be just the fault of the guy at your local paint store or something. :P
NO WAY, Y'know I was JUST thinking of about how Prepubescent 6th-Graders could anymore like the growing "Nerd" population... Then I saw your video!!! WOOT!!! (Just kidding) Great Job on the instructable and very nice costume! Oh, and because I see this as a prime example to rant:... WHY IS THIS GAME "M"??? 6TH GRADERS PLAY IT!!!
Triblade1017 years ago
Great job on the costume. BTW just because your in sixth grade, it doesn't have to be your last costume. I'm in high school and the Seniors at my school even dress up on Halloween Day.
yea im 27 and what my friends and i started doing at your age was doing our own haunted house (a tradition we kept up for almost 13 years) it has ended for me only because i moved.
Ward_Nox7 years ago
to be fair the guys who make the $5000 game accurate armor use fiberglass
gregdoom7 years ago
Screw the haters. You did a pretty bang up job, dude. *internet high five*
zogduke (author)  gregdoom7 years ago
Thanks, greg. I agree. It's pretty funny to see the negativity that comes from people who've never made anything.
that just made my day! Wow ! Amazing!!! Here is another wayanother way to do the helmet .
zogduke (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
Thanks joejoe. I appreciate the advice.
oh yeah, you cant see out of this way. But what ever.
jakee1177 years ago
beast most of those on other websites are hundreds amazingly realistic yet,so cheap best diy costume here!
A+ job! Though I can't credit it for being original... (who HASN'T wanted to be master chief? :P ) It's an A+ for an awesome job carrying it out! Definitely not an easy build! Sorry... I'm a critical person, so I'll just leave my two cents... everything looks really good, except the side of the helmet... (fourth picture, intro) The only thing I would gripe about is that you have a big gap there where you see skin. the only suggestion is to make something to blend that seam a bit better... or wear black something to cover your skin. great job!
totaly..... AWOMSE COSTUME!
zogduke (author)  badrang47 years ago
Thanks, bad.
zogduke (author)  thecheatscalc7 years ago
Good point. I'm going to get a turtleneck. Thanks for the advice.
laernmoer7 years ago
Heh, why is it your last costume? I'm 30 and I make a Halloween costume every year! On the average, I spend 2-3 weeks making it and usually decide my next year's costume the year in advance. Never get too old to do stuff, man!
zogduke (author)  laernmoer7 years ago
I guess that's a good way of looking at it. I guess I'll take it up again someday, but right now school is getting too busy.:(
Oh yeah, dude, this costume is kick-ass!
Wow this is so Cool!!! This is my favorite costume yet!!! Thats just so awesome, i might just make this! Absolutely +1
zogduke (author)  TeacherOfTheWays7 years ago
Thanks, my friend. I'm not an expert, but let me know if you need any help.
Yeah, zogduke, I hope this will NOT be your last costume! When you are too old to trick-or-treat, you are old enough for costume contests and parties. You are too creative to give it up!
zogduke (author)  Miss Cellania7 years ago
Thanks Miss for your positive comments. I hadn't thought of it that way.
buck_20077 years ago
Here is a link to the offical HALO costume making site http://405th.com . The forums have all the information you need to create your own armor!