This Halloween costume is Master Chief, Spartan 117, the hero from the Xbox 360 game Halo 3. It took some time (my dad helped me a little), but I think it came out great. It got a lot of attention at my school's Halloween Carnival. I'm in sixth grade and this will probably be my last costume so I wanted to make something special.

Step 1: Materials, Time, Costs

Here's everything you'll need.

I made this out of cardboard, hot glue, fiberglass fabric, fiberglass resin, spray paint and velcro straps (with help from my dad). The weapon is an old broken Nerf gun that we painted and glued on some PVC piping to make it look more like the one in the game.

We used an old bicycle helmet, (free) broken plexiglass face shield, (free) skateboard knee and elbow pads ($2) from Value Village (second-hand clothing store), old black sweatpants and sweatshirt from Value Village ($4)and some light-emitting diodes (LEDs -- free) that we had around from a racetrack project (we're proud nerds). We also used me dad's cycling gloves, but just velcroed on the fiberglass so they didn't get wrecked.

The fiberglass resin and fabric cost about $30. The spray paint cost $10. These you can get any building supply store (e.g. Home Depot).Everything else we already had and was going to be thrown out eventually.

It took about 20 hours to make. I also earned credit towards my Composite Materials merit badge in the Boy Scouts for this project.

wtf u were allowred to play that game when u were in sixth grade in australia u have the be in ninth grade
lol i got my first m game when i was 10
my first was mortal combat when i was like 3 or sumthing
ya but i didn't have a video game until i was 9 and it was duck hunt
oh imeant that was my first m-rated my actual first was spyro.
but my first r movie was dirty hairy but my dad loved that movie so it has been around as long as i can remember
i dont remember my first movie tho
uh no u don't. I was ten when played halo...in australia too...
You listen to the recommendations? Also in Aus.
i think that was your parent/s rule, i was playing it in year 7 also in Aus<br />
It needs to be more detailed, but well done.
Very nicely done. Don't listen to those folks out there. They don't know what they speak of. You have alot of potential. Just keep trying to make things. At some point you might be able to make a bit of money off of them :)
lol your gun is a nerf maverick
Last trick or treat in 6th grade?!
Hmmm... maybe you've got a point.
hahah Yeah I am a junior in High school and I still Trick or Treat. I just like free candy! And also, GREAT Instructable! and if I was you I would keep modifying it to get a REALLY good and realistic suite for next Halloween! this Costume doesn't always have to be restricted to Halloween. Something like this might be great for cosplays(if your into that) or even just ways to impress your friends. NICE JOB!
I'm in SENIOR high and i still trick or treat lmao
My sister is 21 she still trick-or-treats so does my aunt shes 36. XD
me and my friends Are 14 and we run around in black and dump bowls of candy into our backpacks
lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololol :)
FREE CANDY ALWAYS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;I'm in 11th and I still trick-or treat! I'm working on a stormtrooper costume this year!
yea same. I love free candy and showing off your hard work (if you make your own costume).<br />
meh. grade seven was my last year. grade 8 is when people start having halloween parties. my friend set up this awesome ghoul on a rope thrown over a tree branch in his yard...<br /> great instructable though, I'm a lot older than you and I still struggle at coloring between the lines... lol
what the heck did he say at the end?
Hate to disapoint, but Master Cheif dies.
no he doesn't at the end of halo 3 don't skip the credits it shows Master Chief on a ship floating in space(ALIVE!!!)
&nbsp;Lol, future self here, he doesn't die but max was right, franchise dies with halo reach
well, if he doesn't die, the series will die anyway. no offense, but bungee has to make a new game for every time a halo ring is destroyed, and the story is already getting stale. but I have to admit that master chief is an awesome character and he'll live, but most likely some other company will buy him.
(late reply...lol) but i agree completey. Halo 1 and 2 was great...but then ANOTHER repeat of the story! and to this day I still pray to God that Disney doesnt buy the rights of MC!!!
actually, at the end of the game on legendary, there is another halo ring :P<br />
yah he does live but he is lost in space and the way it ends is a huge cliff hanger so maybe they will continue the story but even if they don't halo 3 is good enough
If you listen to some of the Bungie veterans, you'll discover that the Halo TRILOGY is a prequel to their much loved Marathon series of games. Perhaps the next outing for Bungie is to get back on the Marathon track... P.S. You rock kid. I wish I had been creative when I was in 6th grade. I was too busy rocking out to New Kids On The Block and wearing parachute pants (ask your parents).
u have to beat it on legendary
yah i did and it was pretty hard
what about on legendary with all the skulls on
almost im on cortona
my least favorite level
yah mine too cause its really hard and all the flood
you just gotta run through
yah thats what i did
well then i salute you. ... this is a pretty long conversation...
yah but i have been in longer
looks great. Nice job. i think ill make one also. And im a freshman, so never stop t.o.t.-ing! (trick or treating) ;-)
dig the helmet, leggings.... I'm in 6th grade two, ( you can tell from my conventions) and i definitely have a few more costumes for me.<br />
hey nice costume, pretty good for a kid in grade six. I'm not much older, I'm in grade nine, I just started 4 days ago on my first costume too. make sure you put more details the next time you make one. ;D<br /> <br /> I didn't use the pepakura program on mine if anyone is wondering. Just cardboard and masking tape and glue so far :P

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