Step 9: Helmet

Picture of Helmet
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The helmet is made from an old bicycle helmet the I grew out of. We attached the broken faceplate from a yardwork safety helmet then overlayed it with cardboard and added some of the modular shapes with more hot glue and cardboard. We also wired four LEDs we had around into a battery case we salvaged from broken toys and used four AA batteries and a toggle switch. The red button switch on the side is just for show. The yellow screen is just yellow cellophane from a gift basket that's been glued in. We also made a "Heads Up Display" like Master Chief has in the game from some clear decal sheets we used for model cars (told you we were nerds). You can't see it too well, though.
cheater1266 years ago
where did u get the glas huh?
zygote907 years ago
Just a little constructive comment but it would be easier 2 make the helmet with an old bmx helmet then u only have 2 add the gold cellophane and paint the helmet green
caseymike17 years ago