Picture of Halo Needler
How to make a Halo needler for 10 bucks or less.

all right so on to my next halo gun Instructable.
I was aiming for five bucks but this one i noticed was going to be more expencive so it went up to $10.

Please note that this instructible is not finished but will be soon.

I was only going to make one gun to go with my costume but I realized that carrying a BR as the Arbiter would look strange. So I gave my BR to my brother to go with his master cheif costume and decided that I wanted a needler as well as my energy sword.

I also noticed as I searched the web that, not only were there very little decent pictures of the needler, but I could only find one homemade needler but it was the halo 1 model and came with no instructions. So I am going to attempt to make a halo 3 needler replica.

if you could Please leave me a comment telling me what you think of this instructible and how im doing so far that would be greatly apreaciated. (and it would give me more motivation to get this finished quicker) =)

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Bvbbuh10 months ago
U made dat out if cardboard and stuff? Wow
The Needler is my favorite gun in Halo franchise!
c j r p1 year ago
how do you fold the top of the barrel. and where does the bottom barrel part c come in
Does paper matche work good after it dries or is there a better way to make it look good?
not exactly, after you paper mache it i sugest spray painting it then clear coating it for a shiny alien look :)
ok. it's been 2 years now. still no progress? because i was thinking, maybe you could upload some on imageshack and provide links? ;)
AWESOME!!!!! since you cant put in more pictures, do you think you could give us a link to some? like, upload the pictures to another site and then add the link! i'd love to see what it looks like completed!
any success with the pictures?
pizzidave4 years ago
Nice work!!!, check out mine! I just saw yours in the related box of my instructable. I went about it a totally different way, but may be it will inspire a new cool variant version!

kira894215 years ago
rellay good
 Some of the meshurements are off.

 You should put some pitures on this page..... I cant make any sence of thease
LbpWaffles5 years ago
DUDE ausowme really i love it
These are the best diagrams I've seen on the website so far, thank you, I did a little geometry and made a little one for my elite.
insomniaSAH6 years ago
Looking great! a trick for cardboard builds: The finished product for a cardboard or paper mache projects often has a slightly bumpy or uneven texture that shows up uneven (and often more so) when painted. For organic things, that's fine - for a build that's trying to mimic a smooth, machined surface (like say, the metal of an covenant weapon) even thorough sanding may not solve your problems. To fix this, in the future I'd recommend using either celluclay or plaster before painting. Celluclay is like paper-pulp mache that can be sanded like wood when it dries and is very lightweight. Using either, seal it with something (say, a 2:1 mod podge (or Elmer's glue)/water mix) then paint it. You'll get a much more 'realistically' smooth surface.
Virtuous6 years ago
lol from looking at pic three it looks like at that point it could have been easily turned into a plasma rifle too. Nice job on this Project!
bobt46 years ago
i is teh sexay back
noz, you fail.
dvnkmmy6 years ago
WOW! that is a really cool gun. But if we do get the toy gun for the handle how much do we cut off. Just the barrel as the assault rifle or more? Plus is there any possible way to make the blue prints actual size. It would be alot easier for people to download and print the designs, put them on the some cardboard and use a razor to trace cut it. if u cant. Thanks anyway.
You'll have to do some work with your computer to get it life sized. When you hit "print", a box of options should come up on your screen. Among those options should be the ability to change the size it prints off at (i.g. 100%) You'll have to do a little playing around, but you should be able to increase the percentage enough to make it actual sized. Is that what you're looking for? I hope that helps.
Erika888 (author)  nomooremr.niceguy6 years ago
sorry, but do NOT do that. the blue prints are for refrance so you can see the aproxomate shape of what the pices are supposed to look like. if you were to print the blueprints i have done now your needler would not look like a needler. or probably it would but it would look like a very Strange needler. to make the needler follow the messurments specified on the pattern images and do not print them out and copy them.

If i knew how to make proper blueprints i would but i dont have the skill or the technology or program to do it. so this as close as i could get to some sort of refrance.

Thanks so much "nomooremr.niceguy" for helping anyways i really do apreciate some (if small) forms of chivilry. =)
HAHA! I would hardly call it chivalry. But thank you?..You're welcome? (have you ever noticed the awkward predicament you are put in when someone thanks you while simultaneously complimenting you? It's difficult to know what to say. Should you thank the person for the compliment? Or should you let the person know their appreciation is also appreciated? It's a little difficult to do both without looking foolish. :P) Have a good day. Sinisterly, The Not So Nice Guy
Erika888 (author)  dvnkmmy6 years ago
with the toy gun i bought i only cut enough to keep the noise making mecanisim working. life sized blueprints.... If i knew how to then i would.
CeGarra6 years ago
as soon as i saw this, i wished it wud shoot something
bighead54546 years ago
how did you go as the arbiter the only halo covenant elite costumes i ever saw were online and for like $200
Erika888 (author)  bighead54546 years ago
I never metioned were or when or in what type of situation i would be wearing my costume. I made it myself and my costume, its not quite finished yet, but i hope it wiil be done soon :)
sorry but if i hear costume i instantly think of halloween (i might go a master cheif this year with n energy sword just to sxare the little kids)
Erika888 (author)  bighead54546 years ago
lol its okay. _ sword to scare kids, thats evil!!! LoL I'm making it so it can be worn at varrious conventions like ComicCon and VGCon. and Anime Evolution if my friends manage to drag me there hahaha. As for a haloween costume? ehhhh my friends get too drunk for me to wear a costume like that. the morning after it'll be either A) Stolen or B) broken! LoL
A picture of the final product, please. I like the Instructable anyways, though.
santy226 years ago
why not straws as needles and some friend being stabbed with needles?
well I finished my second needler, it shure is a lot better than the first one. Although I did get some mesurments wrong and made the colors a little two dark it looks great I will post some pictures when I get a chance
i finished step 4 and gunna start 5
I'm getting a little confused with the mesurements for the bottom half. because when I use .5 inches for the bottom it dosent make the sise right.
Wow these are the best diagrams I have seen sense I started looking for them. But I would like to know how to make a handle because I don't have a toy gun I can use and I don't have money right now sooo would you mind putting up some handle diagrams?
nice needler
Erika888 (author)  theswordninja5616 years ago
hey im making one to go with my halo magnum to see a tutorial of how to make the magnum click this link or copy and past this to adress bar

be sure to subscribe to me on youtube
NICE WORK!!!!! cant wait for a finised product
Erika888 (author)  SSproductions5016 years ago
cool. Neat magnum btw :)
xw2396 years ago
very cool. i am attempting to make one out of wood!
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