good ammo cap

last shot will sometimes jam and need a 'bump' because the gun sometimes shoots two shot bursts for some reason....?!?

Oh , by the way post your pictures or your versions or mods of this , and ill add them to the instructable

EDIT -- ive now added a grenade laucher , and some more paint mods , when i find my bloody phone cable , ill add those pics too :D

I have now added some updated pics explaining the ' realism ' mods :)
and there are some sneak previews at my smg project !!!
( which will probably never be finished!!! , unless i suddenly get inspired - doupt it :P )

Step 1: Grotle1231's Version

i said i'd include all yours , so here we go :P

Step 2: Bits ' N ' Bobs


Step 3: Front


Pic 2 - Add white rods to C
Pic 3 - Add A and B
Pic 4 -Top veiw
Pic5 - Build me
Pic 5 - Close up
Pic 7 - from below
Pic 8 - another close up

Pic 9 - CONNECT!!!!! ( ignore the back bit for now )

Step 4: Back

Pic 1 - Build ( sorry blur )
Pic 2 - VERY IMPORTANT - get this bit right
Pic 3 - Back view
Pic 4 - bottom bit
Pic 5 - back back - if that makes sense?

Step 5: Connecting - Front to Back

not much to say ......

how bout a joke?

Your mom is so ugly when she went to an ugly contast they said no profesionals alowed

or mebe

yo momma so fat she got her own zip code

Step 6: Finishing Up

ummmmm still not much to say

how bout another joke? or a fact of life ,

A giraffe has a 20-inch tongue. , bet cha didnt know that!

Step 7: Rubber Bands

Step 8: Loading and Fireing

Step 9: Project - J SMG

Basically just some ideas i had for a smg, constructive critisim would be VERY usefull

Pic 1 - basic overveiw os the gun
Pic 2 - size comparison to nerf recon ( RED TIGER WOOOO )
Pic 3 - gun in my hand



this gun will probably NEVER get finished so yaknoo , if any of you can possibly build it from the pics ( i REALY doubt it )
then be my guest :P

check out my metalic version
WOW , that looks awsome , nice one :P<br /> and thanks alot for building my gun!<br />
how do you build the handle ??????????????????????????????????
what rod is that on the ram?
duuuuuude. recons suck. i love the pistol tho.
hey nice recon dude that is cool what all did you do to it?????????????????????????????
first i painted on a red tiger camo kinda body mod , then i found a copper pipe to work as an extended barrel ( works AMAZINGLY&nbsp;)<br /> i plugged up a tiny hole on the inside of the plunger case which let air out, took out the restrictor , sawed off the stock , then put a peice of the stock onto one side of it, made a scope ( this is where i was up to when i first posted theese pics ) now&nbsp; i have stuck a sawnoff pistol onto the other to work as a grenade laucher / second gun, modded the barrel abit more and slapped on some &quot; battle damage &quot;<br /> so yeahh, not much really XD<br /> the new pics will show the new mods so yeahhh :&nbsp;)<br /> thanks for looking at my ' ible<br />
no prob and darn
very nice but the stks red rods could use some filling in
looks like a vector<br />
If anyone who has a camera has built this , feel free to post pics of your versions / mods and ill add them to the ' ilbe<br />
cool<br />
<p>(Comment removed by the bribing of plasma grenades and a shitload of weapons)</p>
And this is why I am not a fan of pistol replicas. They end up working/looking like the TDS no matter how much the builder tries to not do that. You should put a picture of the gun you replicated as comparison.
ok , good idea
Not looking too realistic. There are some details that are a bit off, like the trigger guard.
how bout the new trigger guard?<br />
I&nbsp;guess it's better, again still needs mods.<br />
ah well , i tried , lol
That handle guard can be made from 2 rods (blue and yellow) and 1 red connector.
use a green connecter
The angle of the green connector is too wide. &nbsp;I'd use a hinge.<br />
you make a better one
how come, im working on my new pistol, after carefully comparing the TDS to it so it looks completely new. So don't insult me if i call it a Uzi pistol
!!UPDATE!!<br />
I have always liked the M6C the best. 4.5* and a cookie.
M6D is better.<br />
Wooooo cookie!!!! , ty
You are welcome. P.S. I already ate the cookie.
does the end of the orange connector need to be sawnoff? <br />
dosnt have to be but helps with performance
i moded it so now it has a mag that goes in the handle and its removable
my ones better but has no mag
not being harsh , but its isnt to be honest... mine has a mag to start with , and a triggerguard .... 0-0<br />
on the back attachment, i used a grey thing(ammo) instead of the tan tthing. the ram wont come out the back unless you yank it.<br />
instead of using a yellowpice on the ram, why not use an orange connector?<br />
it doesnt matter
i cant get it to work =-(
Glad I can help!
Sweet dude , i rly love halo so this is the bomb!
Yeah, looks really good, definetly don't think you copied the TDS.
Looks good, but kinda like a tds.
I don't see it................
Look at them side by side.
it does now , comparing the two, - not intentional
Ya, most pistols look like a TDS.
Pretty good, Ilike it! 4.5*

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