Halo 3 Overkill & Two for One Achievement Tutorial





Introduction: Halo 3 Overkill & Two for One Achievement Tutorial

This is a tutorial for the xbox 360 halo 3 achievements Overkill and Two For One.
I found these two are the hardest in the game but if you try it with these methods you should do it easily!!



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    I haven't thought about the turret in the overkill, but I have done the same map and gotten it with the sword/shotgun very easily (that way I could win the game also because I'm in the circle getting the points also) I like yours better though, less chance of dying.

    I actually get them through Assault rifle melees which works well if you in the middle of a huge battle

    You couldn't have gone wrong with crazy king at any level, the only way you would have gone down with a clean shot at the hill when everyone is scrambling for it is if they teamed up on you with battle rifles, stuck you at long rage before they ate your turret fire, sniped you, or spawned right behind you on the side of that tower. Teamwork would unquestionably never happen, snipers is almost as unlikely because no one takes the time to grab good weapons if it wastes too much time anyway, and when everyone is killing each other in one spot on the map there are less irritating spawn points on the other side that they would most likely be sent to instead. I could not have easily found a different outcome without you not finding enough people to shoot at one time, lol.

    I do have to admit that I did find someone else to do the double kill with the spartan laser though, it is just sheer luck that you get the opportunity to line up a shot like that in a real game. I definitely did not want to waste countless hours of my life running around with a spartan laser while getting torn up by battle rifles.

    If you really want to get the top achievements, wait for a double EXP weekend and play grifball, if you are fast enough you can get an annilation where you use an overkill or more to wipe out the whole opposing team. It's one of the two hardest medaIs to get and I managed to get 2 in an hour!

    quite helpful, but Getting achievements for the sake of having them is kind of lame. earn them!

    ... I got overkill in my very first free for all game ever, just kill people, you don't need any strategy for it. Just the double laser kill and the mongoose splatter are rediculous. Who would be running towards you while you are driving a mongoose and still not manage to jump over it? Either way it doesn't take very long to get all 1000 points just killing people.