Picture of Halo 3 Sketch
I Made a Halo 3 sketch just for fun and it came out pretty good. This is my first Halo sketch so give my any advice you have:)This also took me about one hour of hard drawing!:)
pass it11 months ago
MattySmith5 years ago
cool =-) =-)
animan16 years ago
head is big but................ GREAT JOB
sonnimo1234 (author) 6 years ago
i was about like 10 or 11 roughy 3 years ago lol
Flumpkins6 years ago
I hate gun games, but this is amazing!
It's pretty good but i've made one of halo2 with full detail. How old were you when you made it?
StevieRay986 years ago
wow that is really cool
elite146 years ago
easily pwns mine, needs more proportional, freeking sweet man!
wizerd 7457 years ago
Theres room for improvement, but I think its great!