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Introduction: Halo 3 - Vidmaster Challenge : Annual Tutorial

Here is our new guide for the vidmaster challenge : annual.

If you get all of the vidmaster achievements bungie say you will get something special in the game.

In this video we will show the location of the ghosts on the final level "halo" in halo 3. We will also give you all some tips for getting through the level on legendary with the iron skull on. It's not really a hard or difficult achievement but it will take time.

More tutorials will come for the new halo achievements in the next few weeks.

Good Luck!!



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    what is the point of having this achievement? expect the katana with is 1000/1000 gs of the whole halo 3 achievements

    4 replies

    You get recon if you get them all

    you can get recon for doing anything cool though

    Dude, it's only if Bungie decides to give you Recon, which can be INCREDIBLY CHALLENGING.  Yes, getting the Vidmaster achievements is incredibly challenging as well, but you have more of a chance than just hoping Bungie gives you armor for something 'really cool'.  They HAVE to give you Recon if you have all the Vidmasters.

    idc, it's just a game anyway.

    its really quite simple the funnest part is when you are all on ghosts.

    here's a tip for when u r at the top of the buildiing defending the door. when the flood come to kill u, jump to the bottom and let johnson and the robots kill them. once they r done just go back up there and kill the moniter.

    Vidmaster Challenge: Annual

    ummm which mode on halo lets you play gaurdain swords? cause lone wolves never does

    I take it you can not die, then. am I correct?