thanks for the ible! it helps alot, i just primed my pilots helmet, it is very smooth and looks great. i find myself on this ible alot, keep it up!!!!
where do you get the pepakura files? any help? ive made a bobo fet helmet for a friend, really nice, but he already had the pages printed....... <br>
I go to 405th.com, a halo armor community that you can get that PEP file and even more detail versions, also they have tutorials for the best way to build them.
thanks man! but to tell you the truth, i already found a whole masterchief suit pep file and have began construction! thanks for the ible, i will refer to it often
Is there a way to get pepakura for mac?
i'm almost done resining the chest part... should I post another instructable or add on to this one? My hearts pulling me toward another.
The whole suit has so many steps, it seems logical to have another instructable just for the torso. That's the direction I went with.
Thanks for the opinion, i think ill do that.
Black gives a good background, if you had white then the helmet would look lighter. With the silver, I'm pretty sure that painting the whole thing silver will give it a shinyer appearance, more like metal. If you want more info, look at 405th.com, they have great touturals. :-)&nbsp; sorry for the spelling.
On painting step 8, why black after primer? And regarding silver, would you paint the whole helmet silver, or just the areas that you plan silver to show through?
I've never done this with real fiber glass resin(I've used super glue for smaller projects) but if the actual fiberglass is too expensive you might try some plain cotton fabric in small strips. I know that the super glue I used reacts to some types of fabric but cotton should be pretty safe for what you're doing I think.
Thanks for the advice i'll try using resin and fabric on my torso part ( coming soon)
Dude! you are not using a respirator (Step 6, picture 4)!! This will damage your lungs and possibly kill brain cells.
You acctually don't have to use a respirator when you're putting the resin on, if you're outside or in a well ventilated area you don't need one. Use one when you're sanding, the dust particles are what's dangerous
ok. I guess negative effect of this stuff is subjective. One small whiff of it even outdoors gives me a headache, so I always were a respirator. I got to preserve the few remaining brain cells I got left ;)
Cool helmet bro, you might want to consider bondo check out mine :)
I saw yours, it was really awsome, but this Halloween, I have a tight budget. I'm going to use Great Stuff to insilate it. Thanks for commenting.
Thanks man, yours is really sweet!, you have to post pictures of your halo stuff.

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