Halo ODST Armor: Arms - Part 3 of 5 of ODST Armor Build

Picture of Halo ODST Armor: Arms - Part 3 of 5 of ODST Armor Build

Halo 3 ODST Armor Project.

This is PART 3 of a 5 part series on a full ODST Armor you can wear.

The project is so large that I decided to break it down into five(5) Instructables:
1. Helmet
2. Torso
3. Arms
4. Legs
5. Weapons

To help unify all the instructables I also published a Table Of Contents (TOC) instructable for the Halo ODST Armor Build.

The Arm armor consist of two parts, the piece covering the shoulder and upper arm and the piece covering the forearm (aka, the gauntlet).

I will be deviating from the WETA model and will be using the arm models from the video game.
Credit for the 3D and Pepakura unfold goes to Kirrou.

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Step 1: Software and Model

Picture of Software and Model

Same as step 1 and 2, you will need the following software and your choices of models...

We will be using the Pepakura software to print the 3D paper models for our parts.

the software is here:

There are many variants of the ODST armor. Which one you build depends on your taste.

Start with the files here:

For the upper arms I am deviating away from the Weta model and using the arm armor from the video game.  I am doing this because I like the look better and it covers more of the shoulder. Build will be trickier as the part is hinged.

MichaelR96 months ago

The best thing I found to fold was the edge of a counter top. I'm currently working on some sets so give me tips on things to watch out for in the build.

Cool instructable(s) dude, how long till we see pts 4 & 5?
asd44 years ago
how do you such good folds and put them together so well
MrTinkerer (author)  asd44 years ago
I score the fold lines with a ball point pen.