Step 8: Add Details.

The shoulder pieces will not need much detail work. Drill out pilot holes for the screw points. Put in the screws. Cut the screws down so that they barely poke out the back side. Lock the screws down with Locktite.

The gauntlets have a lot of detail in them. Same as the shoulder, sketch out all the groove lines with a pencil. Make all the needed corrections with pencil and eraser before getting out the dremel.  Once happy with the design, start cutting out the grooves with the dremel and cutting wheel. Work slow. And don't get upset if you make a mistake. Mistakes can be covered up with bondo and then resanded back to a smooth surface. 

The "control box" on top is cleaned up with small spots of bondo and spot putty. Small files and a dremel high speed cutter is used to shape the control box.
<p>I like the shoulder pads, nice work but could you also do the lower arms (Vambraces) as well?</p>
<p>I tried but all the models I made did not shape well. I could not find a decent model. </p>
<p>I can make your life easier, here is a link to all the pep files for ODST on the 405th.</p><p>http://www.405th.com/file-archive.php?categoryid=23</p>
<p>The best thing I found to fold was the edge of a counter top. I'm currently working on some sets so give me tips on things to watch out for in the build.</p>
Cool instructable(s) dude, how long till we see pts 4 &amp; 5?
how do you such good folds and put them together so well <br>
I score the fold lines with a ball point pen.

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