Step 3: Pepakura file editing - Size and scale

Picture of Pepakura file editing - Size and scale
Luanch Pepakura Designer. Open up your helmet file. STOP.

Go back to the 405th forum and read every "Sticky" on scaling and sizing your armor.
Done reading? Cool, let's poceed...

Scale your helmet model to fit you. to do that perform the following:
1. Click 2d menu > Change scale
2. Either adjust the height, width, or scale.

Which ever sizing method you use, be warned that you may end up building your paper helmet more than once since the first attempt may end up too large or too small.

Next, select the paper size you are using. The most common paper size is letter or A4. Adjust margins to match what you printer can do. Also set up the page layout and match it with the printer layout (portrait or landscape).

After making the above changes, you will most likely need to move the parts around the pages so that all the parts are inside the printable area of the page.

Looks good? OK, Print. NOTE: If you are promted to change the scale before printing, DON'T.
If you purchased Pepakura designer, save your work.

Look at that glorious stack of card stock paper...