Step 3: Scale and Print

Picture of Scale and Print
I selected the WETA ODST project for my base because of the easy scaling process.

Most of the parts are a matched set since there is only two 3d modeler (SKG and Nightshade). The unfolder (e.g. Belakor) then based the scale of all the items off his height. So, if we know the unfolders height we can determine the percentage difference between our height and his height. Got it? Yes? No?

OK, Belakor is 5'11" or 71". So our FULL BODY model at 100% scale is 71"
Now, let say you are 5'8" or 68".

Math 68 / 71 = .96 or 96%.

Belakor's model is scaled at 24.02370951. To scale the model to a person who is 68" reduce the original scale by 4%

24.02370951 * .96 = 23.06276113.

So every piece of the body armor will be rescaled to 23.06276113 if you are 68" tall.

I used Belakor's unfolds becuase I know his height.  I adjust the scale on all the parts to my height and record the height of the part. When I use a different model/unfolder I change the model height instead of the scale based on the part height I got from Belakor's unfold.

Open the TORSO file first. This is the biggest piece. Scale it correctly based on the formula above.

Adjust paper size and orientation (portrait or landscape) for the page and  the printer.

Move the parts around to fit inside the pages.

Print the TORSO ONLY.