Halo Reach Magnum (ANOTHER UPDATE)


Introduction: Halo Reach Magnum (ANOTHER UPDATE)

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Alright, well I decided I wanted to try and make a magnum. I did, and I liked the out come. Credit to those who feel they need it. Although I built this just by printing out a picture and used that the whole time. The picture I used it in the photos so you can compare the two and see how I did. Sorry, if it isn't the best magnum, but it's what I came out with.
Also, it does fire, but it's single shot. It gets 40-50 feet, but I built this more for looks than function. Tell me what you guys think and don't forget to RATE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE .

Update: I now have the bottom laser pointer more accurately curved to shape of the real gun.

Update #2: I have now made the pistol more compact so it's not as large as before. Yes I know I don't have that extra length behind the handle like in the reference pic, but it's the only way to make it work. Also It can now shoot a bit farther because the ram hits closer to the end of the barrel.



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    It's fairly large. The Magnum is based off of real pistols so do you have like an airsoft pistol you can compare it to? The Halo Magnum done by knex gun builder is probably closer in size. Still, good job.

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    The difference between KGB's magnum is that it was based off the one from Halo CE. This one is based off of the one in Reach, there are some differences in the appearances of both.

    But not size. The weapons are more or less all the same with minute differences. The magnum is based on real pistols and I've a couple airsoft pistols. I know from comparisons from other weapons that the yellow block design is too big for representing pistols.

    Actually the Halo1 magnum is larger.

    Sorry, this gun is long gone. I'll be posting my RSASS soon if I get it built. : P

    If you could make a mag inside then i would rate 5 stars and ask you to post everyday

    Put some more effort into the handle.

    The shape is perfect, very well replicated. The only criticism I would have is that it is a little too long in the middle. Hey it still looks the best Magnum.

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    Oh I just have something else I want to mention, when you say it's too long, I can actually see how it's like that. But I just wanted to mention this, you have to remember, 7-feet tall Spartans are using this, and the have huge hands compared to a human's, just saying.

    Wow, thanks, I think that's the best comment I've ever gotten.

    Um, DJ, are you ok? That's like the nicest comment I've gotten from you. Nevertheless, I will get pics up of a more compact version of this that's near perfect. I completed the better version just minutes ago, but I'm tired so I'm going to go to bed.
    Well, basically with the newer version, it doesn't look as long as the one in the pics. But, do actually for real like it? I find it hard to believe that you have nothing else to say.

    Replica-wise, you hit the nail on the head.

    Wow! Great! Glad to know I could make you happy, and some other people as well.