here's my Spartan Build made of Cardboard, Tape bit of paper mache and Thermoplastic, can you give me some ideas on how to make the Commando Helmet from Cardboard as i am having problems making it. the Combat Knife is Cardboard, tin foil and sticky felt. COMPLETED: 22/12/13
i'm making a Halo Reach Spartan, specifically Carter. my main weapons are the Jasman Plasma pistols wich i'm very lucky to get hold of for £55.00.
it's made of heavy duty cardboard, duct tape and insulation tape.
it's costed me £5.79 for the whole thing.

this is the right colour of blue.

for the white stripes

for the shoulders and legs

for the inside parts

for certain details
Wow I wish my odst suit was as good as that
<p>dude, that is sooo, cool!</p>
<p>it costed about &pound;5.00</p>
<p>it took 22 days to build!</p>
<p>well since that success, i'm going on to build the Cybermen.</p>

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