Halo Reach (noble 3 JUN) "INSPIRED" Costume in Progress





Introduction: Halo Reach (noble 3 JUN) "INSPIRED" Costume in Progress

About: Ok, I'm about 15, I like to build costumes and such, beginning to start working on cars with my dad, so I haven't been spending tons of time on building, plus I have school, So the stuff I have built, Includ...


Sorry, no new images of me wearing it. The ones below with the costume painted are not completed and I forgot to add the other pieces for the arms, legs etc to the shots... I just needed to finish it for halloween, and these pictures were just taken for the halloween contest. Plus it is dark outside, and I didn't really want to put it on, especially in a tank top I'm wearing. This is only a plug for a mold at the moment, and once I get pieces from the new molds, it will be considerably stronger than it is now. But at its current state, you can punch it and break your hand, trust me. My friend tried it, his hand was in serious pain.

Alright, check it out, and tell me what you think, yeah go easy on me, its only my second time making my costume apart from my inspired spartan hayabusa costume, plus I'm only 15 :s  OK THANKS FOR VIEWING!

BTW some pieces are different from the original because I thought I would do something original.

P.S: If you are wondering if I used pepakura, I didn't. Sorry, not a fan of using it. I don't feel as proud as using it then I do making it from scratch.

June 15, 2011 update. I have had no progress on this costume if you were wondering. I didn't finish shaping the helmet or chest piece, nor did I finish off the rest of the pieces. lol.. too lazy :P

email: king.mariano@hotmail.com



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    hey another q. where did u get the fiber glass and how do u attach it with resin?

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    Me and my dad started building custom body kits is why I had so many materials at my disposal, that's also the reason I've been too busy to work on any of my costume projects lol. And what do you mean attach it with resin? If you mean how the fiberglass attaches with resin, It's something you'll have to read up on haha, the fiberglass mats wont stick without the resin hardening. Basically the Resin is the hardening portion with the fiberglass mat as the strength. I could be going off track here and you're asking a completely different question LOL

    Please tell me how the chestplate look hard!! LOVE all of ur costumes btw!

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    The chestplate looks hard cause of the fibre glass layers and bondo. If I ever decide to complete this then I could mould it and get it to the point where it looks like metal.. If I ever decide to lol

    howd you make the armor with cardboard? was it hard?

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    Just takes practice.. Just think of it as taking a picture and turning it into 3D :) If you want an easier way to go then use pepakura, but I'm not so much into that.. Sorry about the late reply

    Umm not really, you just gotta build it piece by piece. And since there is so many shapes in the spartans armor, it was pretty simple. It takes some time, as in like 2 days to finish each piece of the entire suit is how long it took me at first when I made my first costume

    Noble 3, This is Noble Actual your costume is looking good Noble 3.

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    No problem Noble 3, Noble Actual out.

    Dude, it looks awesome! And that's kinda weird, 'cause I turn 15 the day after you do!

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    HAHA, that's funny, I got a friend with the same birthday as you then :P oh and thanks for the compliment ^_^