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To accessorize my Son's Halo costume:

I built a sniper rifle. It is made from cardboard, scrap wood, PVC pipe couplers and a telescoping pool skimmer pole - available for about $12 online (I had one left over from a blow-up pool we no longer had). It is 48" long and has a module to add a rifle shot sound. It took about six hours to build.

Step 1: Body and Barrels

Picture of Body and Barrels

I used a scale drawing and other reference pictures I found on the internet to get the general shape and size of the weapon. The 48" length was determined to be the best size for my Son's height. I drew a grid on the side view of the diagram and used it to transfer the silhouette to the cardboard. I made two sides and glued the inner and middle tubes and scraps of a wooden handle to add support to the structure.

The telescoping handle had three sections. The inner was used for the lower barrel. The inner section extends out to be the 'appropriate' length and the remaining length simply adds support to the gun within the cardboard.

Side detail was added with another layer of cardboard as shown in the fourth picture. Strips of cardboard were then glued between the two sides to finish the gun's structure.

The last picture shows some extra detail and how it looks with primer on it.

Step 2: Scope and Flash Suppressor

Picture of Scope and Flash Suppressor

The scope tube was made from two 1-1/2" PVC couplers. The two together proved to be too long so I cut one of them in half.

The body was made from cardbard and in the same way you make model airplane wings. I cut some ribs and then simply built up cardboard sheeting around it. I also found a plastic piece off an office chair that gave me on of the rounded sides.

To hold the scope tube to the body I created what looks like an extruded plus sign. This was made from three pieces of cardboard and runs the full length of the PVC couplers and the body of the scope. It gave it a lot of support.

The flash suppressor was build up as shown in the last two pictures.

Step 3: Bi-pod, Barrel Detail and Scope Installation

Picture of Bi-pod, Barrel Detail and Scope Installation

I found a paint/stain applicator for about $6 on clearance for use as the bi-pod. It was simply insterted through a hole cut into the body. Hot glue and a dowel rod holds it in place.

Two 2-1/2" PVC couplers were glued together and slipped over the main barrel. It was covered with some cardboard with notches in the middle to give it the appropriate detail. Cardboard was cut and glued to the ends in cones to finish it off.

Extra cardboard detail was added to the scope and it was attached to the top of the gun on a cardboard base.

Step 4: Sound Chip

Picture of Sound Chip

The final step was to install the sound chip (from Radio Shack - $11). My Son helped me find a suitable sound of a rifle firing on the internet. We recorded it and the chip was installed in the handle under a piece of cardboard where he simply presses on the cardboard to activate the button underneath.

The record button, microphone, battery and speaker wires were extended by soldering lengths of wire and insulating the connections using shrink tubing. These were hidden inside the body of the weapon along. The battery was hidden in the magazine which slides into the body and is held in place with a couple of lengths of bamboo skewers used as pins. The speaker was glued into the front of the scope and a piece of cardboard was glued over it to protect it.

The last photo shows my Son wielding the sniper rifle in full costume - ready to take on the Covenant.


MatthewN32 (author)2016-11-24

I like it, I did your helmet not too long ago, so i might as well do this, a few hours you said? WOW!

Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-11-01



Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-11-01

Wait, it makes noise?!?!? THIS IS BEAST

gunshow (author)2012-10-06


goffymew56 (author)2011-11-06

can you make me a halo odst helmet i am only 12 and i hate trying to do pepakura and i dont have hot glue gun

CODKING (author)2010-09-02

id pay 50 dollers

supershot1 (author)CODKING2011-04-15

hey man give me 150 and i can make you an entire suit e-mail me at

rozalawl (author)supershot12011-08-11

hey dude i'd like a kid size one. for my son. so maybe because its so small (even though he's 11) you could lower the price

tinker234 (author)supershot12011-07-07


Millawi Legend (author)CODKING2010-11-08

I'm sorry. I've never heard of this "Doller" currency. I think you mean Dollar. Nub.

CODKING (author)Millawi Legend2011-04-16

O haha HA funny.......

not really

Millawi Legend (author)CODKING2011-04-18


supershot1 (author)CODKING2011-04-15

with almost any gun

_-MacGyver-_ (author)CODKING2010-10-18

But its more fun to build it youself. When you accomplish that you can build anything from what youve learned about cardbard construction

starfox384 (author)2011-01-07


supershot1 (author)starfox3842011-04-15

30 bucks for one you dont even have to make
e-mail me at

vtheawesome (author)supershot12011-07-22

no offense but the hole point of tutorial is to be creative ........ but i hope tou sell it ;)

tinker234 (author)starfox3842011-07-07

what about or

xbox1kid (author)2009-12-24

cool halo sniper
it would be cool if it could fire paintball or airsoft

tinker234 (author)xbox1kid2011-07-07

add this How to Make a Mini Cannon from a BBQ Lighter

tinker234 (author)2011-07-06

wow gona make this add fiberglass sorry stupid keys

supershot1 (author)2011-04-15

really awesome man keep up the good work :}

Meroki (author)2010-10-11

I have a UTG style AWP airsoft sniper, do you think you could build the Halo sniper to work as a frame for that sniper?

bubba j (author)Meroki2010-10-22

IDK but if you do i wouldnt use cardboard as a frame

Meroki (author)bubba j2010-10-22

What about using the papercraft/aqua resin approach?

bubba j (author)Meroki2011-02-03

i'd try a fiberglass aproach

Meroki (author)bubba j2011-02-03

Okay, But fibreglass how?

What would you use for a base frame?

dehlome (author)2011-01-09


Millawi Legend (author)2010-11-09

I was joking...

rickgyver (author)Millawi Legend2010-11-09

Ok - sorry

Lowney (author)2010-10-09

This is awesome. That is all.

Moo_cow (author)2010-09-26

why didn't you just record the actual sound of the sniper from halo?

rickgyver (author)Moo_cow2010-09-26

I tried but it didn't sound very good.

manojkk (author)2010-09-21


builder968 (author)2010-06-14

I'm trying this this year, but, knowing, my dad, I'll have to do everything but drive to Home Depot and RadioShack.

Bullet3093 (author)2009-09-13

Hi, i was thinking about building this in my spare time, i am obsessive about halo. Would you be able to tell me how you got the measurements all right? I would really like to make this, and my dad is going to b helping me. Cheers.

sinforal (author)Bullet30932010-04-06

well if u wanna get it to a real scale a spartan is 2.08 meters high or like 6.8 so get a pic of one holdin the rifle get it into scale and thats ur height just match it up and your set or if you wanna get cray grow that pic till he is 2.08 meters and then ruler it up but it should be half of him its not a small gun it should be hard to walk around with cu they made spartan so tall but hey thats if you wanna make it look right lol :P im still workin on my armor

rickgyver (author)Bullet30932009-09-14

The best thing to do is print a good side view picture of the gun and draw a grid on the picture like graph paper. For instance make each grid square 1cm. Determine the full-size length you want for the finished product. If the length of the gun on the picture is say 30cm and the full-size length is to be 1.8m then get a piece of cardboard that is 1.8m long and draw a grid on it where each square is 6cm. You can then use each square from the paper to draw the outline of the gun on the cardboard. This will get the proportions correct. I hope this helped. If you need more information please write back. Good luck. Rick.

Bullet3093 (author)rickgyver2009-09-14

Thanks for your help Rick. I was curious, was the full size-length of your rifle? I am about 160cm and i don't want it to be too big so that i can't lift it. I only ask so as i can get an idea on what would be a decent size for me to build. Cheers, Jake.

rickgyver (author)Bullet30932009-09-15

I think the life-size rifle is over 200cm. The one I made for my Son was about 120cm. He is about 150cm. Since it is made out of cardboard mainly, just a couple of short pieces of wood in the handles for strength and aluminum tubing for the barrels it is quite light - less than 2kg. Hope that helps.

Here's a funny article about Bungie studios and their full-size replica:

Bullet3093 (author)rickgyver2009-09-17

Hey Rick, Thanks for the info, and the i thought the article was quite humerous. I will definitely use the tip on the grid squares, Thanks heaps for that. Jake.

a4great (author)2009-12-22

rick you should go on 405th infantry division. the link is here

rickgyver (author)a4great2009-12-22

I am a member there even though I haven't been back in a while.  I found a lot of ideas and reference material from the site.  Thanks.  Rick.

ItsTheHobbs (author)2009-10-12

Wow! That looks sick! The whole costume is SO sweet.

dehlome (author)2008-11-30

where do i buy it? ill pay$20 for it!

xxgearzofgrindxx (author)dehlome2009-09-09

$20?!?!?! only $20... that thing is worth alot more than that!

Thank you! It took a lot of blood, sweat and beer to make it :-)

ItsTheHobbs (author)rickgyver2009-10-12


wenpherd (author)dehlome2009-09-19

if want to buy it than what are you doing on instructables, your supposed to make it.

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