Halo Spartan Kid Size


Introduction: Halo Spartan Kid Size

This is the costume me and my son worked on for Holloween. A lot of work but worth the results. Used many instructables sources to not have to recreate the wheel on this build. Thanks goes out to all those Halo builds that came before mine as great resources.



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    Is this cardboard? THOSE MEMES THOUGH!!! No idea why I wrote that.

    I am sorry you think this , but I did make this. I did give props to those who I used for guidance. Anyways, have a nice day.

    Woah... Pretty pro job there man, lets see some more pictures or get some info!

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    Thanks for the comments. Wanted to get this in the contest before anything else. Will edit with more detail ASAP. Used previous builds from here and other web sources for background on materials and more.