Halo Spartan/Mavarick




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Introduction: Halo Spartan/Mavarick

Holloween costume me and my son worked on.



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    I would love it if you could make a tutorial of the helmet, I have looked all across the inter-webs and been unable to find a tutorial on a spartan helmet that doesn't require Pepakura. I love this!


    your kid must be like the coolest kid in the county, wish i could do that

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    Thanks for noticing. This build is @6 years ago. My son's in college now. He did have a blast wearing it. I have twins and also made a Aliens Marine outfit for his brother but I haven't added it to this site.

    Well done dude!! is it a H2 ODST or Reach?

    Happiest kid in the world right there, wish my parents would do cool stuff with me. Unfortunately I'm making my own Halo armor with my own paycheck this summer, but I am determined to make it awesome!

    Nice Halo 2 ODST costume. Scales a little off. check out


    Thanks for the comments. I hope to add some additional pics soon. Just didn't have them available when I posted.