This project was something my wife and I decided to do together, I had made armor costumes before and had always wanted to make something for the both of us.  We agreed to do Spartan costumes from the Halo game series.  I used the Pepakura method where you print out the layout for each piece onto heavy cardstock paper and glue them together once they have been cut out.  Once you have a completed model I then reinforce each armor piece with fiberglass cloth and resin to make it solid and then I smooth out each piece with Bondo body filler.  There is alot of man hours involved with a build like this and especially more so when you are making two full suits simultaneously. We managed to do it though in less than four months.  This was the first time my wife had ever done anything like this and I am happy to have had her with me along the entire process of the build, we kinda make up a little power team. 
Figlius382 years ago
How did you do the inside of the helmet?
Avaldi6042 years ago
how much do you want for it?! i love them both
Cmdr. Vik2 years ago
Really great results! Two thumbs up!
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Wow! Yes, definitely tell us more, this is fantastic!
r-philp2 years ago
Could you elaborate on the pepakura process? What software did you use? Where did you get the armor model data?