Picture of Halo plasma rifle
This is my first instructible, it is a foam model of a halo plasma rifle. It is made of a special foam insulation that you can buy at any hardware store.It was cut with a "stanley" knife with a break-off blade. It took me about two days to make and paint.
I built the whole thing for about $15.
Attmos3 years ago
Nice work, really cool looking. Its too bad you don't have some photos of it's construction. I'd like to have seen it's formation.
vroom...vroom... (author)  Attmos3 years ago
I know at the time that I built it I wasn't involved in instructables.
Yeah, I've got several like that too. I was just given you crap, playin around.
McMchriis3 years ago
So what does it Do?
vroom...vroom... (author)  McMchriis3 years ago
It does nothing, it's just amodel