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This is my first instructible, it is a foam model of a halo plasma rifle. It is made of a special foam insulation that you can buy at any hardware store.It was cut with a "stanley" knife with a break-off blade. It took me about two days to make and paint.
I built the whole thing for about $15.


Attmos (author)2012-04-06

Nice work, really cool looking. Its too bad you don't have some photos of it's construction. I'd like to have seen it's formation.

vroom...vroom... (author)Attmos2012-04-06

I know at the time that I built it I wasn't involved in instructables.

Attmos (author)vroom...vroom...2012-04-06

Yeah, I've got several like that too. I was just given you crap, playin around.

Backpackboy (author)2012-04-04

So what does it Do?

It does nothing, it's just amodel

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