Step 7: It's SHOWTIME!

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After checking all your electrical connections, Fire up your projector. Make any adjustments to the bulb placement if needed after the bulb has cooled. I can get a massive 12 Foot screen using this mod. Its much brighter than the automotive light I used last time.

Invite your friends over to the movies and show them the projector you modded.
Pop popcorn and through in one of your favorite movies.

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CAUTION : This Halogen bulb is MUCH HOTTER that the automotive headlight that was used last time.
You will need a significant amount of air flow through the bulb chamber to cool the bulb and NOT START A FIRE! Also, keep the bulbs power cord unplugged, you don't want someone turning on the bulb with out the fan. I am not held responsible for damages due to improper use of your projector.

My next project how to make perfect popcorn!
This popcorn popper makes great popcorn. Legend has it it was discovered abandoned in a work camp on the Alaskan pipeline.
tatay665 years ago
Not to hard to figure out all he did was to replace the standard bulb with a halogen lamp, thats already wired, then he drills a hole in the side of the projector casing instead of trying to wire it up direct to the projector power supply. Then he actually has two seperate switches one for the light and one for the projector. The thing to note is the fact that he cautioned the need to have extra cooling such as a larger fan. Its really all simple reverse engineering and running the existing wires from the halogen light to the original wire as in piggy backed lol. As far as the projector cooling time it should still be automatic he didnt change the circuit all he did was add a stronger light. To be positive on this the bulb doesnt cost an arm and a leg to get and all the wire and circuit you need are already there. BE NICE he did explain you would need to find one that will fit your projector.
most projectors have an auto-shutoff if there is no current running through the bulb. This would have to be bypassed to make it work somehow. There is more to it than just powering the projector and bulb separately. As nearly every other post here points out....
siggibahama5 years ago
hi,  I am geared up and ready to do this instructable, I am quite exited and cant wait to pop some corn and have a movie night,  I am having a problem though that maybe you can help me with.

I am using an acer pd100 projector, but it does not power up unless there is a working bulb in it, now I have to trick it into thinking that there is a bulb in by using a resistor but i have no clue wich one to use.

I have looked up the bulb  but cant seem to find how much power it uses,  that is if its 12 volt or 220 (I am in europe) 

the bulb:

any ideas as to what strength resistor I should use?
Nice idea, but this instructable is no where detailed enough for me to repeat.  There are more pictures of the switch you put in then exactly how you bypassed the projector's auto-shutoff function.  I  can tell what you've done there. It would be nice to have something step-by-step before, pointing to the wires you are targeting, showing one-by-one which you have modified.  You've only photographed it after completed and not how you did it.  An instructable should, well be instructions that will allow it to be repeated by users rather than just some pictures of your neat setup.  Perhaps more of the photos of the Mod and less of the popcorn maker...

Too bad really.  There are some good french websites on modding your projector:http://www.allinbox.com/modding.htm
unfortunately they are in french.

I have a 3M mp8755 that I would like to mod this way.  Unfortunately it isn't possible from these instructions.

Congrats on getting this to work.