Turning a Halogen light into a more energy efficiant bulb. Converting what used to be 12 volts into aproxxamitly 3.5 V

In this instructable you will need the following
- Hammer
- Halogen bulb ( bought 2 for a doller at dollerama or just found around)
- LED light of your choice or 2
- watch battery or other power source

Step 1:

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Take a hammer and lightly hammer the 2 prongs on the back of the halogwn bulb.
The bulb should slide threw and then you can take it out on the other side .

Step 3:

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Insert LED and attch to power source or in this case a small 3V watch battery i picked up in a 3 pack at dollerama.

Step 4:

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Light up and enjoy. Ive hung these in trees with fishing line and gives a modern affect to any surounding.
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bertus52x113 years ago
Just tried it and works very well. It is cool indeed,
Patented4 years ago
Hay thats a cool idea! Ill try it , I have couple of these halogene light lying around, that I found in the garbage !

lemonie5 years ago
Cool, when these things are dead they don't usually amount to anything more than scrap-glass - it's a nice re-use. L