Halogen Work Lights are great, they are super bright and are nice a portable, most even come with a nice Tri-pod stand ! However if you have used one you know they are NOT perfect, first off most have two 500-watt bulbs, that's 1,000 watts total !! See Halgen lamps are in-efficient sending most of the energy to heat. Which means they get HOT, I mean touch it and it burns you. Working under these lights you can really feel the heat, and if your clumsy like me and knock one over - POP there goes another bulb. So what's the solution ????? LED's of course !!!!. They do make some LED ones, and some Fluorescent one's but they are really expensive and Fluorescent takes a while to warm up. So if your like me and have a old Halogen one sitting around with blown bulbs in it, or you find one at a garage sale cheap, or maybe even make your own stand !

- Screw driver's
- Soldering Iron
- Heat Shrink ( or tape)
- Wire Cutter's/strippers

- Light stand ( bought or homemade )
- LED Outdoor Flood Lights

Step 1: Step 1: Remove the Old Lights

Now that you have found that old work light and brushed all the cob-webs and dead bugs off it, you can begin. Simply take off the covers on the back and remove the wire's. Now note, some lights have a switch right on the back on the light, for low/high/off, i removed this, however you can put in a switch if you like, I just hardwired it. Then Proceed to remove the old lights from the unit. Try and save all of the hardware, and wiring for later.

<p>I went with a 20W warm white version that I picked up for $21 on eBay from Hong Kong. It's not waterproof... maybe water resistant. I have no plans to drag my extension cord around in the water anyway. I did not like the old light for the reasons listed in this build (above). This solution is not quite as bright as the original but I like it better (for the reasons listed above). It's very lightweight and stays very cool. A 30W version would have bee nice as well but the unit would not be as compact. </p>

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