Picture of Halter bra
Turn a so-so bra into a great halter bra! It's far more comfortable than using a convertible bra, too. This works best with a triangle bra (shown below) or a demi bra.

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
You will need:
- a bra you don't particularly like as it is
- scissors
- sewing needle
- thread

The bra you choose should ideally have triangle or demi cups and two rings on each strap. The second picture shows a bra with straps that won't work for this, while the third picture shows one that will work well.
Meliharm2 months ago
Wow This Great ,Thank you.Can never find the right halter bra to hold everything Just Right and be comfortable lol
KeiaLove6 years ago
This is great, I will be trying this asap. A lot of dance tops are halter style but with no built-in bra. This will give me lots more dance clothing options!
Shut Up Now7 years ago
i only like bras if they are being removed
Dalya7 years ago
"Sorry boys, I'm engaged." That made me laugh so hard lol! Very nice alteration. Hm. I can't stand those kind of bras, they are so painful to me x.x
EmilyT8 years ago
I like it! I'll have a root around to find an old bra...
thank you so much! you just saved me $50 w/ this!!
lemonie8 years ago
I can't see the finished item(?) L