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In this project you make a simple LED ladder network that turns on the LED bar graph when the button is hit with a small rubber hammer.

What you need:
* 7 LEDs
* Six 100 ohm resistors
* Six 1kohm resistors
* 470u/220u capacitor
* matrix board
* wires
* fuse wire
* push button

The theory is easy to understand. The capacitor charges up the LEDs slowly. One by one they turn on. The stronger the hit the longer the button will be pressed and the more LEDs will turn on.

Accuracy in resistor values is not necessary. You can use values close to 100 ohms/1 kohms.


pyromaniac123456789 (author)2014-01-22

Where is the button in the picture?

fbustos carrasco (author)2014-01-08

Can anyone or the author, make a video?

diyelectronics (author)2013-12-31

Both sides of the veroboard are shown. Look at the circuit diagram.

pyromaniac123456789 (author)2013-12-31

Can you show a picture of it on a breadboard? I can't solder and cant understand the diagram. If anyone who has commented can that would be great

J-Five (author)2012-10-20

It's Hammer Time!!!!

sooraj619 (author)2011-02-05

hey where is the 1N4002 diode as per the drawing you have shown only LEDs in the picture 1N4002 is not an LED..............

diyelectronics (author)sooraj6192011-02-06

I am using student version of PSpice. This version does not have LEDs.

sooraj619 (author)diyelectronics2011-07-23

or use expresspcb software contains all components like leds diodes etc

diyelectronics (author)sooraj6192011-07-22

I am using student version of PSpice. It does not have the LED component. Thus I am using 1N4002 diode instead.


sooraj619 (author)sooraj6192011-07-17

ok, use electo scematics software its free to download and has all the components

Kiteman (author)2010-10-23

Rather than a slideshow, a video of it in action would have been nicer (and have you really only twisted all those wires together??)

diyelectronics (author)Kiteman2010-12-17

no soldering was used.

Kiteman (author)diyelectronics2010-12-18

Goodness me.

Leenaz (author)2010-11-22

Only 3 top LEDs light up. What's the problem?

diyelectronics (author)Leenaz2010-12-17

reduce resistor values.

Adam Manick (author)2010-11-02

Try to solder the wires

Dr.Bill (author)2010-10-30

What does this do ?

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