One of my friends is slightly obsessed with Soviet history, so she asked me to make her this plaque to hang in her apartment.

The plaque is approximately 18" in diameter, and hangs from a wall screw.

Costs about $10 in terms of primer, paint, and assorted wood, and the installation is a cinch.

Step 1: Find a template

To find a good pattern, I just Googled "hammer and sickle," and found this.  Then I just scaled and printed it out in Word.  Pretty straightforward I'd say.
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an interesting addition to this would to be to add leds to the bad of it, since it stands off from the wall it would give it a very nice back glow effect :)
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Vell done comrade....:-)
Hey guyzo35 - love how it turned out... simple technique and really effective... thanks for posting!
I am glad you explained why you wanted to make a hammer and sickle. You did well on your project.

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