Picture of Hammerhead Glider II
How to make Hammerhead Glider II:


 Let me introduce the Hammerhead Glider II. The improvements in the 2nd edition is more steady flight, straighter flight,  faster gliding [a bit] and further flight [maybe].


 Hammerhead Glider - A Hammerhead that is a glider, possibly the first glider even in the Hammerhead range, possibly.
Hammerhead Glider II - A better handling glider than the original one.


“This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 6 (http://www.instructables.com/community/Paper-Airplane-Contest-6/)”

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Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
You need:



Ruler to make it accurate.  

Step 2: 1

Picture of 1
Get a paper and fold it.

Step 3: 2

Picture of 2
Open it up and you can see the crease is made.

Step 4: 3

Picture of 3
Fold the side of the crease.

Step 5: 4

Picture of 4
Open it up and it should look like the picture above.

Step 6: 5

Picture of 5
Fold it like the picture.

Step 7: 6

Picture of 6
Turn over.

Step 8: 7

Picture of 7
Fold it like the picture.

Step 9: 8

Picture of 8
Turn over.

Step 10: 9

Picture of 9
Fold it like the picture. Notice: It folds between the end of the straight edge. 

Step 11: 10

Picture of 10
Turn over and fold it like the picture.

Step 12: 11

Picture of 11
Turn over.

Step 13: 12

Picture of 12
Open and push the tip down.

Step 14: 13

Picture of 13
Fold it in half.

Step 15: 14

Picture of 14
Fold it into a paper airplane but like the picture.

Step 16: 15

Picture of 15
Now it should look like this.

Step 17: 16

Picture of 16
Fold the tip like the picture.

Step 18: 17

Picture of 17
Fold the side so the end side point near the side crease but not on the crease and do the other side the same and open it up 90 degree and it should look like the picture.

Step 19: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
It should look like this. Go to the next stepto learn how to fly.

Step 20: How to fly the aircraft.

Picture of How to fly the aircraft.
To fly it:

Gliding - Throw it gently.
Flying - Just throw it.
Fast  - Just throw it hardly.

Step 21: Enjoy!!!!

Picture of Enjoy!!!!

Should blunt the front of the plane. it will fly better. the pointy front is also weak and have to make it straight back if it crashes. overall, it flew great.
wat. (author)  iloveironman3 years ago
well the front is just a areodynamic but anyway in the future ill think about it.
Aerofan4 years ago
cool plane I'm making one right now!
wat. (author)  Aerofan4 years ago
wat. (author) 4 years ago
Please comment about it.