Picture of Hammock Bug Net Cheap

I recently got into hammock camping about a year ago when I made my own hammock and wanted a bug net to go along with the hammock. I quickly discovered that the nets sold for hammocks are not cheap, so I started to research some DIY options. I found a few different designs and fabric suggestions on different hammock forums but there was nothing on instructables on the topic. In this instructable I will show you how to make a cheap (less than $15) tube style bug net for your hammock.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

Most of the materials you should be able to find at your local walmart.

1. 59" x 84" Sheer Voile Window Panels Qty: 2

2. 18' Bungee Cord

3. Bungee Cord Lock

4. 100% Polyester Thread

The window panels cost $5 each, the 18' of bungee cord cost $2 and a new spool of thread cost $2. I was not able to find the Bungee Cord locks at walmart but I'm sure they are at craft stores for cheap. I am temporarily using one I had lying around the house. I will update this when I track some down. The 18' of bungee cord is enough to make two of these bug nets. The window panels are a cheap alternative to bug net fabric. I was turned on to this after finding a youtube video by crypticCRICKET showing how he made a bug net. I used the same material but went with a different design. The holes in the panels are small enough that it should keep the no-see-ums out.

The tools I used are as follows:

1. Sewing Machine

2. Scissors

3. Tape Measure

4. Lighter

Step 2: Sewing the Two Panels Together

Picture of Sewing the Two Panels Together

The first step is to sew the two panels together. Place one panel on top of the other and sew along the 84" edge. Use a Zig Zag stitch and be sure to lock the start and end of the stitch. Once completed you should have one big panel that is about 117" x 84".

Jacobson_0713 days ago
Great instructable! I saw it and now I'm about to make my own. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you very much for this. You did a fantastic job. Very easy to understand and very inexpensive. Nice sewing job. This stuff is super slippery and not easy to sew if you don't know what you're doing or haven't worked with it before. Again, beautiful job, thank you for your time. Happy cammping!
SparkySolar8 months ago

I like your Instructable

Thank you so much for sharing


Tachyon11 months ago
In my neck of the woods we'd call these Bear Burritos, but they look like a great idea for regions without large carnivorous fauna.
However, this would be great for bug free afternoon naps or overnight sleep outs in the back yard.
I backpack solo, with a hammock in bear country (black bears) frequently. Heard a noise one night, thought it was the pesky raccoon, then felt a big bump against my rump. There was a bear underneath, sniffing around... I hollered at it and turned on my light - I only caught a glimpse. Didn't bother me, I still use my hammock except in particularly cold weather.

I learned, the hard way, that the no-see-em mesh is not impermeable to chiggers though. (Cumberland Island)
cdveltri (author)  Tachyon11 months ago

I personally use it camping but to each their own. I hope you enjoyed the instructable, thanks for looking!

is it possible to just sew the netting to the hammock?

bakdrft10 months ago

Step 5 has a flaw....The opening must be closed or your gonna wakeup with a few friends..aka Mosquitos. I made this too and found out they can get in in two places the bottom and where you feed the whoopies slings thru.

vladivastok11 months ago


cdveltri (author)  vladivastok11 months ago

Haha the tricky part for me was always finding the stuff I hang on to. I hope it works out for you, Thanks!

hdmotorc11 months ago
I've made many camping hammocks. Only two have bug nets which I purchased for like $15. Kinda a pain to use since their intended purpose isn't a hammock net. I can't find those any more however, now I don't have too. Great design.
cdveltri (author)  hdmotorc11 months ago

Yea all the hammock specific nets I found were really expensive, thats why I did this. Thanks for the feed back!

jessyratfink11 months ago

This is such a good idea :)

cdveltri (author)  jessyratfink11 months ago

Thank you!

scientist8011 months ago
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