Introduction: Hammock Suspension Strap

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Background to this project:

Being the cheapskate that I am, I'm always on the lookout for things that would be useful but I can make rather than buy.
I was browsing through online patents and found a really complicated suspension
strap made from one piece with the extra loops cut from other pieces and stitched in place (see the patent drawing)
I thought there has got to be a easier way, and came up with this...

Step 1: Whats Needed

Whats needed
1.2 meters 20mm webbing (any colour, I just had khaki kicking around here)
1 D shackle screw gate caribiner (another would be useful, but not essential)
sewing machine
lighter or soldering iron (for cutting the webbing and heat sealing it)
Knife (you could use scissors but I'm pretty attached to using the knife for trimming threads)
electrical tape (used to hold everything in place before stitching it)

Step 2: How to Make It

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How to go about this:
Heat seal both ends of the webbing.
Fold over one side to form a loop of 16cm, bar tack in place
21 cm from the tack, make a 8cm loop, bar tack.
Repeat 11cm down, also a 8cm loop, but on the other side
Repeat on the first side, also 11 cm down
Repeat on the second side, another 11 cm down
Fold a 8cm loop on the end, bar tack in place with extra stitching
(I measured and taped everything before stitching, just makes it go a little faster)

Step 3: How to Use

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How to use:
Loop strap around suspension point (tree, pole, whatever), threading it through the
larger loop.
Pull tight.
The second carabiner or a d shackle would be useful to join the strap, instead of looping it through.
Attach the other carabiner to one of the loops before hooking your hammock on.
The different loops make it pretty versatile and adjustable.
Its also pretty useful to attach bags etc on


JoeH146 (author)2016-06-17

Great instructable! I want to but some straps. I found this site:

They have a lifetime warranty on them. Pretty much the same type, right?

What brand are the ones in the images?

trooperrick (author)2010-08-09

I do something like this when I go camping/backpacking except without the heavy carabiners. Nice instructable

Stoveboy (author)trooperrick2010-08-10

Normally I use Homemade webbing slings to attach my hammocks. but they tend to stay semi-permantly in place. (ie, have the slings made and setup for each location, and just move the hamock as I feel like it)

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