Hammock for Cat





Introduction: Hammock for Cat

About: I'm a maker. I'm working with 3d printer, arduino and some new technology!

Materials to build the hammock:

- four pieces of wood long 55 cm

- four pieces of wood long 25 cm

- two rods of wood long 64 cm and 16 cm diameter

- one pieces of cloth tocreate the hammock

- some screws

- pla for 3d printer name

- colors for wood

Step 1: Hammock

To build the base we need to combine the four pieces 55cm of wood with two screws for each side.

Now you have to pierce the 25 cm long pieces the size of rods of wood

Then you can screw the pieces of wood 25 cm long at the four inner corners of the base and insert the rods into the fabric first and then in the holes previously charged.

To customize the hammock of your kitten can print his name in 3d. If you do not have a 3D printer at home, you can send the item:3dHubs Ceciui



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    This is a great looking hammock. Very clever design!

    1 reply

    Thank u so much! My cat love this hammock!!!