Picture of Hamster Ball Ice Cream Maker
Though i thought of this idea after making my other project (yet to be completed....yet related), one day, as the creative foodie i am, i noticed that the design of the play and freeze (which is basically a plastic cage and a metal container) was basically a hamster ball (to be correct, its called a critter krawlerl), and basically all you have to do is make a few modifications.

==The beginning of summer==
Just buy hamster ball you think is good enough for you and buy a metal container that hopefully fit in there.

Now, the only required materials other than the hamster ball and metal container are:
(note: when buying the hamster ball, be sure it has screws in it)
-Hot glue (so you can fill in the holes which were meants for oxygen) ($1)
-rock salt, ice, and ingredients for ice-cream ($2)
-the unversal binder of all things, Duck tape ($2)
-Patience and have fun!! (priceless)

Relevant links:
-The makers of the "freeze and play" ice cream maker
(note: likely its too hard to play light soccer with)
-Clothes dryer ice cream, who figured.

Step 1: Buy hamster ball and obtain metal container

Picture of Buy hamster ball and obtain metal container
== Hamster Balls (critter krawler) ==

There are 4 sizes of hamster balls. here is an estimate of how big they are and how much they cost
(note: when you buy it, be sure it has screws in it!!)
-very Small-imagine fitting baby mic in this (about 4 dollars)
-Small-imagine putting a little bird in this (aobut 7 dollars)
-Medium-imagine putting your baby turtle in this (about 17 dollars)
-Large-imagine putting a full grown hamster in this (about 22 dollars)

== Metal Containers ==

Though people usually use metal coffee cans for this purpose, look for small metal tins or candy at the asian store where they usually have lots of metal containers with plastic caps. (evaporated milk is a good source, but try not to waste too much food)

Now, you want to be sure you metal can fits through the entrance of the container easily and has some space to move around.


The main purpose of this whole project is to make the hamster ball water-proof. Which means filling in all the nooks-and-crannies so that no water brine spills out.
Cool! I have a hamster and would love to try this sometime! (With an unused ball, of course.)
mattbomb5 years ago
take the lid of the cap and put a small bead of glue around the inside lip of the edge. if that doesn't work then make it thicker and thicker untill it fits snug and water proof
minny976 years ago
i actualy have a ice cream maker that is not a hamster or mouse wheel but one just for ice cream and i dont know how to use it and i dont have the list lf Ingredientsso if you have time could you tell me how to use it and what the ingredients are. Thank you
compatta (author)  minny976 years ago
I thought about doing this with my guinea pig's ball that is relatively unused untill I realized the two end caps were missing
How exactly do you use this to make ice cream?
compatta (author)  mouthwashninja6 years ago
the concept is based on friction and basic heat transfer of materials. Basically, the ice melts and transfers heat away from the solid metal cans. As you move it around, in essence, the ice moves around and has a chance to move this heat away from the metal containers which contain the ice cream. Be sure to try it out, it usually works in a nice coffee can!
Sunny1246137 years ago
coolio,i once had a hamster
Tkuebrich7 years ago
Very cool, especially since the real thing is like 25 dollars. Also, I just tried this and it works really well. What I used for the can is one of those small Hershey's Chocolate Syrup cans. The hamster ball I chose fits two of them snugly.


Thats the can, it has a resealable lid which makes it nice. It took about 15 minutes of constant rolling to freeze both of them.
jayro7077 years ago
you probly would-LOL
cornboy37 years ago
Well maybe some people want their ice cream pee flavored. :)
hedgiehog7 years ago
these things are so awesome, they make the best cola slushie
Temperance8 years ago
Note on the hamster ball: make sure you buy a brand spankin' new hamster ball. Do not reuse your hamster's old one. God knows my hamster had a bad habit of peeing in his ball. :P <---joking.....
compatta (author)  Temperance8 years ago
Good joke. good joke. Hey....you might actually like your ice cream a little buttercream flavored!! :)
skyesidhe8 years ago
obviously many of your readers can't see the true reason for using this not other things: it's freakin' COOL! I love this idea...you roll it around on the floor like there's really a hamster in there. you look for some wierd candy (proabaly from asia) that comes in a tin shaped like a hamster...its a freakin' -hamster ball- that makes freakin' -ice cream- oh yeah! you totally win in my book *laughs*
camscam9 years ago
first of all, a coffee can works FINE and its already ready already and second of all, I live in california too and no one speeks english practicaly!
Crash21089 years ago
I think you would be better off buying an acrylic sphere and cutting a hole in it.
Crash, where do you find hollow acrylic spheres that can be closed tightly? I couldn't turn up anything on a quick search. I like the project compatta. I've seen the commercial version in REI but thought it was a bit pricey. Pay no attention to the trolls, they're smoking something harsh. :) I'd be a little worried about breaking the hamster ball with the weight of all that water in it. Guess that rules out games of catch then.
That would do exactly the opposite of ruling out..
I like your project, it is much more useful than all of kimotas projects, wait he doesnt have any. Good luck on making a game out of it. You should include actuall steps for making the ice cream too, i.e. ad salt, ice, cream shake repeatedly, roll around or something
Do you speak English as your primary language? You should have an English speaking friend write for you the next time you want to post a project here. Also you should have someone else come up with the project for you. This project is useless. Someone else filming your project would also help, because your clip was terrible.
compatta (author)  kimota.nomis9 years ago
okay. I guess i can't write english........even if i'm from california??
_soapy_9 years ago
To check it is waterproof, simply see if it floats in a bath without letting water in.