Step 1: The Bedding

Pet bedding gives your hamster something soft to walk on, something to keep them warm, and something to sleep in. I know my hamster loves to curl up in the corner completely covered in bedding. All you ever see is a little tuft of fur poking up from a big pile. Anyway, the bedding can pretty much be anything paper based. For example, cardboard, paper towel, toilet paper, or even Kleenex. I would not suggest regular paper however because it could cut the bottom of your hamsters feet. The paper based substance will also absorb the urine well. Make sure there is a good amount to cover the bottom and also for your hammie to curl up.
hey this is a nice instructable<br>can you keep it updated with regular recipies?<br><br>thanks<br>akinich
I can try but its my sisters idea I'll c wut she sez.

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