Hamster Habitat





Introduction: Hamster Habitat

This instructable tells of a cheaper alternative than going out and buying a lot of pieces for a hamster, gerbil, or mouse habitat. I made this instructable without owning a hamster...but I used to have one. So theres not going to be any pictures or the habitat in use.

Step 1: Supplies

What you'll need:
-Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
-glue or tape( I would recommend using something your pet won't nibble at, I am guessing glues can be potentially poisonous to smaller pets.)
-pen or pencil

Step 2: Create

1)Think up and draw out a design for however you plan your cardboard hamster habitat.
2)Cut your pieces out.
3)Fold your boxes and other pieces.
4)Put it all together

For more vertical slopes in the tubes I would recommend cutting little slits or notches for your pet to grab onto. I would also put more than one way out....you never know. Again I would advise against using some kind of glue that would be potentially dangerous to your pet.



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    27 Discussions

    I've got 4 gerbils and they absolutely loved this both running through it and chewing it to pieces!

    Very easy and quick to make i made one for my two gerbils and they love it!

    you know...I'm not sure what kind it was. I got it from a friend a long time ago who was having an overload of em breeding. Any ways it was a dark Grey-brown color.

    i have a Syrian hamster called clamore that looks just like that
    search Claymore the hamster on facebook and youlle find her!

    oh i wish i had a hamster like yours im getting a gerbil tomorrow i think i might make this habbitat

    I would imagine so, i did something like this for my old gerbil. Just don't expect it to last too long because they chew through them.

    Yea they chew on em a lil, and thats one reason I Urge people not to use a poisonous glue or something. I would hate for something to happen. Anyways making it out of cardboard is cheaper and if they do chew it all up...make another. LOL at least they're sharpening their teeth.

    This is making me miss my hamster. :( I had a one-eyed hamster when I was in the Barracks in the Army. :D He was the most popular guy on the block.

    Wow thats saddening. If you don't mind me asking how did he lose his eye. lol it's kind of ironic too..a hamster in the army with one eye.

    I was running the veterinary facility at Ft. Drum, and a soldier came in with him and his daughter to have him put down. Apparently the daughter had been too rough with him and literally popped his eye out. The father had decided she wasn't allowed to have pets anymore because she didn't know how to treat them, and brought him in to have him euthanized (his right eyeball was literally hanging out, and he didn't know what else to do.) He told us we could keep the cage and everything, and left. Despite the pain he must have been in, the hamster was very calm, and never in the entire time I had him bit anyone. He just seemed like a "good" hamster, so instead of putting him down, we gave him a little local anesthetic, removed the eye, and put him on antibiotics. He lived for about two and a half to three years longer. He was a great companion, and the way our barracks were set up, all of the heat vents were connected. He liked to get loose, get into the vents, and go to other guys barracks to visit. Everyone on the floor got a visit from him at some point. Great little critter.