Hamster Habitat





Introduction: Hamster Habitat

This instructable tells of a cheaper alternative than going out and buying a lot of pieces for a hamster, gerbil, or mouse habitat. I made this instructable without owning a hamster...but I used to have one. So theres not going to be any pictures or the habitat in use.

Step 1: Supplies

What you'll need:
-Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
-glue or tape( I would recommend using something your pet won't nibble at, I am guessing glues can be potentially poisonous to smaller pets.)
-pen or pencil

Step 2: Create

1)Think up and draw out a design for however you plan your cardboard hamster habitat.
2)Cut your pieces out.
3)Fold your boxes and other pieces.
4)Put it all together

For more vertical slopes in the tubes I would recommend cutting little slits or notches for your pet to grab onto. I would also put more than one way out....you never know. Again I would advise against using some kind of glue that would be potentially dangerous to your pet.



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    I've got 4 gerbils and they absolutely loved this both running through it and chewing it to pieces!

    Very easy and quick to make i made one for my two gerbils and they love it!

    What a nice habitat! My hamster would love this!

    5 stars my hamster loves this i just thought id post a pic



    aww... your hamster is very cute

    thanks what sort of hamster did you have?

    you know...I'm not sure what kind it was. I got it from a friend a long time ago who was having an overload of em breeding. Any ways it was a dark Grey-brown color.

    Unfortuanetly my hamster died early this year

    i have a Syrian hamster called clamore that looks just like that
    search Claymore the hamster on facebook and youlle find her!