Pictured above is Hamtaro, my Roborovski Hamster. Not pictured is her sister, also named Hamtaro... because they are identical and I cannot tell them apart. :)

Their cage sits right next to my desk at home, so we can hang out while I work. (They're actually very social!) The only problem with this setup is that hamsters LOVE to run. In fact, Roborovskis in particular are said to run up tothe equivalent of four human marathons in one night! And hamster wheels (even the ones that are marketed as "very quiet") are very noisy and irritating.

So recently, finally fed up with the noise, I set off to Crashspace to design a silent hamster wheel.

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Parts

我家的仓鼠也是布丁哎,布丁半夜跑跑轮的噪声问题终于解决了哎。跑轮 消声器嘛,不错的主意。
Great idea! Very resourceful=)
This is a very smart idea you did
<p>Thank you! :)</p>

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