Picture of Han Solo Costume
I've been a long time Star Wars fan and one day realized that I didn't have to only cosplay as female characters. Why not do a male character? So I decided to create a female version of Han Solo. 

Step 1: Han Solo Shirt

Picture of Han Solo Shirt
han solo - the stylish geek.jpg
In my opinion, the key to a good Han Solo shirt is finding the right material. Remember that Star Wars was made in 1977 so there were a lot more polyester shirts back then. Han Solo wears an off-white, almost beige, 3/4 sleeve loose v-neck shirt with a half-collar. I initially checked eBay and some thrift stores, and even tried to make my own. I ended up getting pretty lucky and found a vintage polyester shirt with puffy sleeves and a crazy '70s collar. I took that shirt and modified the sleeves and tucked in the collar to be more "normal". This is what I ended up with.
pradar11 year ago
Love the idea of the coat. Attempting the same, so far so good.
fbakar1 year ago
quite interesting...'han solo' is my favorite character in starwars, it arkward..because girl turn to be 'han solo', maybe with some name..maybe, 'hana solo' perhap
Genz9181 year ago
How do you make the belt/holster?! That's the most important part!
k2iran2 years ago
Cute :P
aeonpulse2 years ago
I must know how you build your solo accessories! They look fantastic!
aeonpulse2 years ago
This is fantastic work, incredibly accurate, especially considering how inexpensive it is! Looking forward to seeing your tutorial for the belt!
brassclams2 years ago
Oh please take me away on your Milennium Falcon!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
pastorboy02 years ago
All right, now where's the male Leia costume ;D good job!
Ranie-K Ranie-K2 years ago
I believe this was shown in a tv show here in Norway. It was about comicon.
soshimo2 years ago
Why is it that a women does an instructable and half the comments seem like they are written by 13 year old boys (and I'll bet most of them are at least a decade older or even more)? Can't people just see the merit in crafting something without getting all sexist? Jeez.

Soap box aside - Great instructable. I'm not that crafty with fabric but I do appreciate a good craft. Good attention to detail with the costume. I especially like the work you did on the "blood stripe" of the pants. Great work.
sreeci soshimo2 years ago
Dear Soshimo,
The thing is.... men are mostly speechless when they see a James Bond look girl in silk top and with high power firearm! Did you see the "loose V-neck" hmmm? there, the imagination gets wild ! please do not blame the big guys...thanks...
octochan2 years ago
Hey, I saw a pic of you on TheMarySue with the slave boy Leia! it doesn't seem there are very many male variations of female characters. How lucky it was that you were able to randomly run into one at the con that matched your costume idea.
Aeshir2 years ago
obeyken2 years ago
I'll never think of Han quite the same again.
uncle marty2 years ago
Nice costume. I saw Star Wars a long long time ago in a theater far far away and I was just a kid so I must have forgotten how totally hot Han was. lol
I laughed way harder than I should have at that. :)
Great work on the pants. I was Han Solo for 3 years in a row when I was a kid, and I was lucky enough to have a mom willing to sew the red bloodstripes on for me. :3

Happy Hallowe'en...

bakunin2 years ago
You make a sharp project look really easy! I especially like how you document your thought process and show us techniques that can help with any costume build.
rusty01012 years ago
An alternative to glue-gunning the fabric would be to use iron on tape under the bloodstripes. Badge Magic, Instant Hemming Tape for example, or Magic Hem.

That said most uniform pants you shouldn't need to tear open the seam to sew a stripe down the seam. That's not to say that it's easy, but it can be done.

And yes it's easier if you have a surger and are willing to just re-stitch the inseam with a surger.

Well done so far. keep going when you can.
JeyNyce2 years ago
Nice work. The shirt & vest really sold me on the look.
iac2 years ago
Han's shirt never opened up like THAT ! Oww!
StoryAddict2 years ago
This is awesome. It's nice to know I'm not the only female out there who enjoys cosplaying as some B.A. male characters as well. (I'm still annoyed at classmates asking me why I went as "Simba" instead of "Nala" in grade school just because I was a girl. *rolls eyes*)
Tomahawk922 years ago
Hanna Solo
buirv2 years ago
Nice, Very nice.
That's awesome! Great recreation of the costume!
veryken2 years ago
Great looking model!

(Somebody had to just say it. Is that you?)
seamster2 years ago
Han Sola
ahab_jr2 years ago
Great looking costume!
CaseyCase2 years ago
Han shot first!