Step 4: The Hands

The hands were a little less tricky. I found a cheap pair of knit gloves (they cost $1!) and stuffed them with pillow stuffing I bought at a craft store. I had thought of pillow stuffing for the pants and torso, but was afraid the plaster would soak through and collapse. Now, I think stuffing would have worked, but I have no complaint about the packing bubbles. For the right hand that curls, I cut five pieces of 12 gauge wire and poked them through the stuffing through each finger. It was a simple matter of bending the wire to get the proper fist clenching effect. Another soaking in Plaster of Paris, caulking to the frame, and the hands were complete. Well, I did add more caulking to the sides of the hands once the plaster dried. I wanted it to look like the hands were coming out of the Carbonite, not just lying on top. Also, the extra caulking help secure the hands down.
<p>LOL! Love that Boba Fett was a kid. A little short for Boba Fett?</p><p>Anyhow, great costume.</p>
Thank you for the great idea. I was able to make a very lightweight version using rigid foam board insulation and metal ductwork tape. Thanks again i hope you like my mod.
<p>I wish you would've posted this a week ago! I moved cross country two years ago and my wife made me leave my Han Solo behind. I just recreated it and should've used some lighter materials. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!</p>
Dork Daddy this is awesome! I have an additional idea I've seen done elsewhere... Take a pair of nylons or see-through nylon material, LIGHTLY paint the metallic gray color. When you press your face into the nylon from the back side, it's looks like your encased in carbonite but you can still move your face and see through it. Very well done!
That is an awesome idea! Thanks. Since I didn't drag out Han this Halloween, I am going to add the nylon face for next year. It gives me some time to experiment.
Sure, you can get all bent out of shape about accuracy... but the fun-factor, and the creative-factor, and the AEWSOME-factor more than make up for it. <br> <br>My Optimus Prime Halloween costume would be proud to trick-or-treat next to your carbonite costume. <br> <br>-Dork Daddy <br>www.dorkdaddy.com
That costume is just Awesome!
Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement. I appreciate the suggestions for my wife's costume. I showed her the Girl Boba Fett https://www.instructables.com/id/Girl-Boba-Fett-Costume/ and she did consent to something similar. Boushh would fit her modesty concerns too...
I think it would also be cool to do a full face paint in the same colour, similar to the street performer live statue thing you see every once and a while. <br><br>Awesome costume man! :D So clever.
Thanks for the compliment! I was thinking the same thing about the face paint. I'm going to bring it to work on Monday, but I might hold off on the face paint until afterwards since it would be hard to type on a computer all day wearing it. That is why I opted for the low budget &quot;regular&quot; Han costume.
That's awesome! Your wife could also do a Boushh costume...
This is just awesome :D
What a cool tradition for you and your boys! Guess this ups the stakes for next year.
This is awesome! It's totally recognizable to anyone even remotely geeky, and yet looks reasonable to do. Good luck convincing your wife to go with the Leia costume - agree it would be a great ensemble cast.
Great Job!
great costume!

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