Step 4: The Hands

Picture of The Hands
Summer2011 122.JPG
The hands were a little less tricky. I found a cheap pair of knit gloves (they cost $1!) and stuffed them with pillow stuffing I bought at a craft store. I had thought of pillow stuffing for the pants and torso, but was afraid the plaster would soak through and collapse. Now, I think stuffing would have worked, but I have no complaint about the packing bubbles. For the right hand that curls, I cut five pieces of 12 gauge wire and poked them through the stuffing through each finger. It was a simple matter of bending the wire to get the proper fist clenching effect. Another soaking in Plaster of Paris, caulking to the frame, and the hands were complete. Well, I did add more caulking to the sides of the hands once the plaster dried. I wanted it to look like the hands were coming out of the Carbonite, not just lying on top. Also, the extra caulking help secure the hands down.
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