Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar!

Picture of Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar!
This is an instructable on how to make your own Han Solo in Carbonite chocolate bar! But using these basic instructions you can make ANY kind of chocolate bar or mold!

So what I used was food grade silicone. There are many brands who have different names for it.

There are different grades, cures, durometers, (how flexible it is)pot life, (how long you have to work with before it cures)

So you must double check each products specifications.

The main difference is that food grade silicone is non toxic and is platinum cured versus tin cured.

The specific product I used was Smooth on Sil 940, sampler size.


It's 2 lbs and about 40 bucks. But it's easily enough to do a few molds. The kit comes with complete instructions and there is a phone tech support in case you get lost.

Just googling "food grade silicone" will find you what your looking for.

Here is the same product, different company, on ebay:

Find some place near you that sells it, Tap plastics will be carrying it soon.

You will need the following materials:
-Han Solo in Carbonite toy
-Foamcore (it's usually white paper with a foam core)
-Glue gun with a few sticks
(Big tip here, you can use Legos instead of the foamcore/gluegun method, I'll explain later)
-Food grade silicone ( if you ever wish to use food products in the mold, otherwise regular silicone will work)
-Baking chocolate

I watched all of the videos available on Tap plastics website before I even started. I suggest you do the same to make the process full proof :) Especially on mold making!


Remember you can cast any object. And if you can cast any object you can mold anything into chocolate!

Someone out there is already working on a battle of hoth scene in chocolate. Complete with chocolate AT-ATs and powdered sugar for snow!
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aliphatic2 months ago

I put a chewy caramel center in mine for a more authentic trapped-in-carbonite mouth-feel.

avarshney4 years ago
it mummy in chocolate .. fun to eat it .. hope the taste will be good ...... haha
polycarbonate sheets
thepelton4 years ago
I wonder what Harrison Ford would think of this?
conrad24685 years ago
Im going to "makerbot" one and then cast it in silicone.
 DUDE! Those things are amazing!

I want one of those kits so badly!
Same here. I want a makerbot myself.
U work for adam and jamie?!?! And they r awesome things! tricky to run though :(
 First Question: No, I don't. If I did, it would be M5 Industries instead of M4.
Second Part: I've seen one at Techshop, but have lived in envy of those who have them. 
lol my memory is failing :s i was gonna say that id print u out one for a mythbusters autograph ha ha ha....

 No worries man. You're the third person whose said that since I joined Instructables!
Morriscow5 years ago
its kinda creepy you want to eat your mom
I thought so too
lane294 years ago
has anyone thought about making a cake like this or a cookie orsucker???
TrueDave4 years ago
Any idea on a flexible white resin you could use in that mold? Name ? Company?
Where did you get the Hansolo model?
You can find Han Solo carbonite toys on ebay "loose" for under $5.
LobosSolos4 years ago
You can also microwave the chocolate to melt it. If you do this, do it on a lower power setting and don't do it for more than two minutes at a time. Stir it in between sessions and the more liquid it gets the shorter time periods you should use. Also if the humidity isn't too high then you can use chocolate chips, but if the humidity is higher than chocolate chips will not melt properly. Which kind of baker's chocolate did you use; milk, semi-sweet or unsweet? The type determines the sweetness of the final product.
ac6046064 years ago
Hey Chris,
The chocolate looks great. If you are really interested in continuing your work with chocolate bars you should learn how to temper chocolate! It helps your chocolate keep its "snap" after it has cooled, and it also allows it to set at room temp in 5 minutes as opposed to a few hours in the fridge. If you want some tips just let me know!
kevinhannan4 years ago
So doing a Jabba the Hut version would be just plain greedy, huh? ;-)

Nice to have an eatable 'ible!
MdP16325 years ago
Great job. I think what you have done here is amazing. But yeah...it is kind of creepy to eat your mom.
nah... just sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on 'em. ...Oh, wait. we're talking about chocolate bars.
But who cares about who eats who all what matters is that they are tasty!
Ward_Nox4 years ago
if youbuy the r2d2 ice bucket it comes with a ice cube mold of Han in carbonite just FYI
prodo1234 years ago
Person 1: I ATE YOUR MOM :O lol
Person 2: HOW DARE YOU n00b
Person 1: (Holding mom chocolate face bar)
seabananers5 years ago
i'm working on a stopmotion action figure film for my cousins birthday present (he loves ROTJ) so im gonna use this with the action figuer inside and melt the chocolate when leia/boush saves him
You could use this method to make Lego shaped ones you could actually build with!
D10D35 years ago
This is brilliant. I am SO making carbonite bars!
rorsie8 years ago
nice one, guess what i'm going to mould..............
 Do tell.
her collage degree. :)
Hi! I just wanted to let you know I featured this in my weekly column on Fandomania:

Fandomestic: 5 Star Wars Sweets
Fredz19748 years ago
This was awesome! Great job. Seriously though, how did you make the face mask, and how long did it take. I would try this with baby foot prints! Way to go!!
you definitely need to be careful with babies.. skin needs to breath, and the cautionary tale around the sculpture lab was that someone tried to make a cast of his new baby and the baby died even though his/her airways were not blocked at all!! just the feet might be fine, but i'd hate to see someone go here and say "hey- a chocolate baby!!"
Use a baby doll, not a real baby! Or you could maybe use a plaster mold for making an imprint of your real baby's foot, then cover it with tin foil carefully trying not to wrinkle it & use that to mold the chocolate.
FreakCitySF (author)  Fredz19748 years ago
Baby feet! great idea! And casting them would be a cinch because they are a simple box mold like for the carbonite! The face took bit a longer as I had to build a custom box around the face. I had limited supplies of silicone and If i had made a simple box mold I would have used way too much material. So instead I custom formed and cut foam core peices around the face so the silicone was only half an inch thick uniformly all around. Just enough to hold the shape. I may have a few pictures of that if you want to see what I'm talking about. email me for them. It's just as simple though.
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